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I Am: Belle Meri. I tend to 'sign' things as MB.

I Make: Stuff. Lots of stuff. I'm a seamstress, cross-stitcher, jeweler, and writer. I'm in the process of setting up an Esty shop for my jewelry. As a writer, I tend toward the more outre stuff. I was briefly published but my publisher imploded and I spiraled down into a several year long depression induced case of writer's block. I'm just now starting to recover from that.

I Like: Reading - I'll literally read anything once. Writing. Sewing. Crafting. Staring aimlessly at my computer wondering what I'm doing. *wink, grin*

I Play: I used to play at a lot of things before the depression hit. I stumbled upon this community by accident and it looked intriguing, so I stayed and joined.

Find Me: Let's see, aside from here on DW, I hang around on Tumblr, Twitter, and I have an AO3 account but there's nothing there yet beyond my lengthy stash of bookmarks.

About Me: Can I just quote my authorial bio here? I am a writer. As a writer, I write for myself. I freely admit to writing way outside the comfort zone for most people.  That not work for you? Well, I'm an author, wife, and mom... everything else changes without notice. *smile*
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I Am: Ella, also known as Dibs, (and sometimes by my given name too).

I Make: Many things. I spin, knit, and weave (but am currently loomless, so not so much of that at the moment) and process and dye my own fibre; I work with papercrafts and leather, bind books and make traveller's notebooks for my etsy shop; I work with metal and resin and make jewellery and notions; I also do some creative and non-fiction writing, but will mostly be using crafts for the challenges.

I Like: Making many things; tea; reading; gardening; reading in my garden whilst supping tea; writing; crime shows and paranormal shows (the crappier the better); Leverage; Marvel movies; Legends of Tomorrow; Elementary; Lucifer; Old School Trek, SW, and Who; Diana Wynne Jones; Terry Pratchett; Ben Goldacre; Drag Race; Project Runway; Face Off; many more.

I Play: This is my only bingo, as others don't seem to be so craft friendly. Hook me up if you know of any though.

Find Me: Here, ravelry, and etsy.

About Me: I'm awkward af so very bad at these introduction things. I live in the North of England and like to make pretty things. I'm out of work due to my nervous system on my right side just throwing random fits whenever it pleases. I'm generally friendly and need to get out more (but see: nervous system).
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I Am: Jenny, otherwise known as SonjaJade (or SJ, I know it's a mouthful), and I'm a married mother of 1 boy child, 4 dogs and 1 cat. I'm bi, Pagan, a heavy metal fan and work in a call center for a living though I have a degree in interior design.

I Make: stories mostly, but sometimes I do pick up the pen to draw as well. I like fan ficcing/arting in the anime realm at the moment, though I once tried my hand at writing for a video game and I never finished it.

I Like: hmmm... lots of things? My favorite food is pizza with tons of cheese, when I could drink regular caffeinated soda my favorite was cherry pepsi, my favorite anime series are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Black Lagoon, Attack on Titan, and Mushishi, my favorite live action show is Game of Thrones... Some of my favorite music groups are Metallica, Týr, W.A.S.P., KISS, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, actually I have a very varied music taste but rock for sure is the right vein for me. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and my favorite video game of all time is the now defunct Star Wars Galaxies (post the hyperspace expansion, but before SOE fucked it all up).

I Play: this is actually my first bingo comm!

Find Me: on LJ under sonjajade,  all my fan fics at sonjajades_fic, on tumblr under the name 2ndltbraeda

About Me: I think I've said everything already!  No wait! I'm a Capricorn :)
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I think I've been lurking here long enough that it might be time to say hello.

I am: lady_katana4544 (I can generally be found almost anywhere on under this name unless stated otherwise). I am usually shy with people, so hello.
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Hello -

I'm n0t_again and I've been lead here by a friend's pleasant urging, so to be friendly, here's a blurb or introduction:Hi :D )

Pleasure to met you :D Thanks for having me here :)

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I Am: Kayleigh, otherwise known as MoonWolf, and I'm a straight, mostly, female, who uses female pronouns (although I wouldn't get offended if you called me he. :D)

I Make: stories. :) I write thousands of words a week (most of the time) set in one of my many worlds, most of which are fantasy, although I also have a pagan series, a series about the deities, and Thear, which really doesn't seem all that defined right now.

I Like: dogs, chocolate, tea, being able to sleep and wake up actually feeling awake, sweetcorn on pizza, and actually being able to watch the DVDs I've bought (which is difficult because my boyfriend works nights). When it comes to writing/reading I'm open to pretty much anything, although I don't like very gory horror (I think I've watched maybe ten minutes of one of the Final Destination films before turning it off) or anything with ghosts, because then I spend the rest of the week on edge, although I am better with books than films then.

I Play: occasionally [community profile] origfic_bingo, but mostly I'm going to be making my own cards, because that's more fun. I do have three that I'm sort of working on, although the last year has been amazingly stressful and some days I have trouble writing my own name, that I want to be getting back to.

Find Me: at my website; one of my mirror sites: [personal profile] kajones_writing and [ profile] kajones_writing (where I need to change my name); or at my personal accounts: [personal profile] moonwolf and [ profile] moonwolf.

About Me: I'm 25, I live with my boyfriend, James, (who I mentioned before) and we're renting a room from a lovely couple, Russel and Teresa. Teresa runs a doggy day care, so I spend my days looking after dogs. I probably have Asperger's syndrome, I have anxiety issues and am really not good with people when I have to deal with them face to face - although I'm brilliant at rambling online, and both James and I have issues that we need to deal with from childhood, which is something neither of us is particularly ready for, especially as he's been ill for the last ten months with something the doctors haven't been able to fix. Writing is one of the only things that keeps me from losing the plot entirely and I love it when I manage to write 10,000 words in a day.
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I Am: (The) Samuraiter, also called Samu and / or (Big) Sam, happy-go-lucky, bisexual / pansexual writer at large. I prefer male pronouns.

I Make: Prose, almost invariably genre fiction, and most of that is fantasy and science fiction. Fanfic is my specialty, but I also do originals.

I Like: Anime / manga and video games, but I have passed through a variety of fandoms ranging from '80s cartoons to comic books to television to cinema. My home fandom, if I can be said to have one, is the Fire Emblem series, as that has been the source of most of my words. Pairing 'fic is my field (up to and including threesomes, moresomes, etc.), and I have a tireless interest in exploring, though writing, romance and sexuality in all of their forms, through plot and theme tend to happen along the way.

I Play: Practically all of the different bingo challenges, though completing them is a different story. I got into this method of productivity through [community profile] kink_bingo, but [community profile] trope_bingo and [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo are my favorites.

Find Me: Here at DW, but also at AO3. I am all over the Internet in varying capacities, but those two places are where I do the bulk of my writing.

About Me: My wife and I met through a shared interest in fandom, and neither of us has looked back. :-) Following these hobbies wherever they may take me has given me so many of the good things in my life that I cannot help but keep the journey going.
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I am: [personal profile] lilly_c and am generally quite shy when it comes to introducting myself to others. Hi.

I make: fan fiction and icons, with occassinal wallpapers, music videos and original fiction.

I like: far too much. These days I tend to focus on a few TV based fandoms that I've been involved with for a number of years, and I'm currently rewatching most episodes of Taggart (I don't have all the DVDs yet). Music is my main source of both entertainment and inspiration, most of creative work is inspired in some way by music. Rugby league is my favourite sport, I grew up watching it and for several years worked at the local ground on matchdays when I was living in England.

I play: [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo it was my first time trying a bingo challenge and I admit that I failed rather spectacularly with this because I didn't create anything at all but I am looking forward to attempting it again when round two opens. I rediscovered my card from round one in October and have been using some of the prompts as inspiration. I'm currently doing [community profile] genprompt_bingo and so far I'm managing to create fills. I also take part in several non-bingo prompt challenges too and have got a pile of unused prompts that I go to when I'm stuck with a creative project.

Find me at: [personal profile] lilly_c is my main account which is locked with a few posts set to public.
[community profile] alittleimprobable is my little kingdom where I post all of creative works and everything is public.
[ profile] l1lly_c my prefered social site.
[ profile] pr1nce55k1tcat is mainly used for posting prompt fill fics and I also have few personal favourites posted on there too.

About me: I live in the North East of Scotland and have done for almost five years, moving here changed my life for the better. I don't own a TV so any shows I get into are usually via DVDs, either borrowed from the local library or bought second hand from Cex. I have learning disabilities (dyslexia and dyspraxia) and although I tend to just get on with it, I do have bad days with both conditions and usually make grumpy "I can't spell and I'm clumsy" statements when I'm feeling frustrated with the way my brain works. When it comes to writing I started out by writing music while I was still at primary school and over the years got into fan fiction, although I loved working on my music I fell out of love with the process and I do find that doing something creative helps to improve my written vocabulary. I've also written two articles on self injury for the annual awareness day. Around 8 years ago I went through an extremely difficult patch and wrote poetry to reflect what was going on but I never posted them online.

(I could have worded all of this so much better. Oh well.)
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I am: [personal profile] elizabeth_rice. It's my fandom pseud and I've been using it since 2005.

I make: fanfics. I've started writing meta again (last time I wrote meta was in 2004). Recs.

I like: lots of things. As long as the fictional work (or fanwork) is entertaining, I'll enjoy it. I love games, especially action and puzzle-solving/mystery. I don't like sports except for baseball, skateboarding, archery, martial arts, horse riding. Besides bows and arrows, I love swords. Especially curved blades. My favourite genres are horror, mystery/crime, and comedy.

I play: I started participating in bingo challenges last year so it's a small list: [community profile] ladiesbingo, [community profile] kink_bingo, and [community profile] genprompt_bingo. I've only posted my fills for KB so far. I'm also waiting for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo to open. :)

Find me: you may PM me at [personal profile] elizabeth_rice or [ profile] elizabeth_rice. My fanworks are at [ profile] elizabeth_rice and [community profile] fanfic_by_lizzy. My recs and informal meta posts are at [community profile] lizzys_study. Anon (screened) commenting is on at my DW comms and on AO3.

About me: I'm an artist. Besides art, I've also studied sociology and psychology. Luckily I only took an introductory course in psychology because it turned out to be a huge mistake. Taking sociology was the best decision of my life. In fact, I was preparing to study criminal law but I changed my mind because of the apathy and corruption in the justice system. (Hm, I'm being very chatty. Might as well spill it all.) I'm also a survivor. I've mostly moved on but I'm still recovering. I've got major anger issues, triggered by witnessing someone else being bullied or discriminated against or treated unfairly. Trust issues, intimacy issues so extreme that I cannot even receive or give internet hugs. Anxiety disorder. Slight OCD tendencies, tendency towards depression, slight tendency towards suicidal thoughts. And nightmares. I compartmentalise and have developed a rather dark sense of humour, gallows humour = coping technique. I'm very sarcastic but mostly not online because sarcastic jokes heavily rely on tone of voice and facial expression and it just doesn't work online.
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 I am [personal profile] vexed_wench , [ profile] vexed_wench [ profile] vexed-wench [ profile] vexed_wench  [ profile] vexed_ [ profile] vexed_wench 

Can you see a theme? DA and Tmblr I have but rarely if ever use.

I make:  I write fanfic and original.

I Like: FullMetal Alchemist (first anime) and Supernatural are my two comfort fandoms and I have a ton of other fandoms I read and write in. :D

Find Me: See above

I Play: [community profile] genprompt_bingo ,[community profile] trope_bingo  and [ profile] origfic_bingo  I am waiting for the first for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo

About Me: I am in forties. I care for family so I live at home. I am prompt  table and bingo junkie.  
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I guess it's high time I introduce myself.

I am [personal profile] lea_hazel/[ profile] lea_hazel/[ profile] leahazel. I mostly write fanfic and I use bingo cards to spur myself to branch out in my writing, try new ideas or new fandoms. It also helps if I have a deadline and a clear goal to galvanize me.

This winter/spring I am signed up for round 3 of [community profile] trope_bingo, where I intend to try a double line, and [community profile] genprompt_bingo, which I've been using to break into a new fandom. I plan fiction only for the former, and fiction, meta and fanmixing for the latter. My art capabilities are pretty low, so little of that.

My cards are here and here. I participated in round 2 of [community profile] trope_bingo, but fell just short of the mark. Like last round, I'll be keeping track of my progress using color-coded HTML cards.
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I am: [personal profile] katsuko here on DW, [ profile] katsuko on LJ, [ profile] Katsuko on AO3, [ profile] katsuko1978 on tumblr... basically Katsuko everywhere. Genderqueer/bigender with no real pronoun preference.

I make: fanfiction mostly, on occasion I knit when I can find my materials. Sometimes I just do meta in my own head.

I like: various fandoms; my current loves are Teen Wolf, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Forever Knight, and a good bit of Disney.

I play: [community profile] hc_bingo mainly.

Find me: as mentioned above, pretty much any Katsuko online is likely to be me; on rare occasion I slap a 1978 on the end like over on tumblr.

About me: I'm a thirtysomething panromantic ace living la vida broke in the ATL.
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Hiya! I am [personal profile] eerian_sadow, also called eerian or (in some spaces) empress_eerian_sadow. (I am cis-female and prefer the pronoun set including she, her, hers).

I make: fiction. Typically fanfiction, and usually very long series. I also write short pieces (500-750 words) and microfics (one sentence to three paragraphs). I have a pair of original fantasy series in the works, but nothing finished enough to show off yet. I also make the occasional photo story or photo comic starring assorted members of my (very large) toy collection. And i sew. (Look for me on etsy and artfire soon!)

I like: everything! No, that's a lie but it is easier to list what I don't like. I do not enjoy mysteries, I am phobic of needles and spiders and cannot stand leeks. Anything else I'm willing to give a chance. I LOVE science fiction, fantasy and cheesy 80s cartoos.

I play: oh gosh, let me think. [community profile] kink_bingo, Dark Bingo on LJ, [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo, [community profile] ladiesbingo, [community profile] hc_bingo and i think I participated in a round of [community profile] trope_bingo but don't remember for certain. I'm considering that Gen bingo comm as well. (Bingo keep me busy. It helps me stay on task.)

Find me: all over! If you see an eerian_sadow, eeriansadow, eeriansadowthefallen or empress_eerian_sadow, she's me. I've never found another in the last 15 years. Primarily, I make my home on live journal (, dreamwidth ([personal profile] eerian_sadow) and archive of our own ( I'm also on twitter @eerian_sadow and lurk on tumblr as)(I think, haha) eeriansadow.

And Me:
I live in a small blue house in Eastern Kansas with my parents, my idiot brother, one grumpy old Siamese cat and a spoiled mixed-breed puppy. I am ten years divorced from an abusive marriage. Currently I am working at a large Best Buy location in the Kansas City Metro area as a wireless sales consultant (I love selling things!), but my goal is to be out of the mainstream workforce in three years and subsisting in the income from making and selling my own handbags and other accessories.

PS: apologies for the multiple edits! I couldn't get the code for the Dark Bingo link to work correctly.
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I Am: [personal profile] annariel (also [personal profile] purplecat) people refer to me variously as Annariel, PC, Cat, lsellers, and Louise depending mostly on context and how we met. I'm happy with all those labels. Female pronouns.

I Make: I write fanfic mostly though I've dabbled in original fiction. If backed into a corner and forced to write NC-17 rated stuff I often resort to comic verse. I also make icons and other graphics (and ever so occasionally actual hand drawn art). I try to rec a piece of online writing (mostly fanfic) once a week. I also code.

I Like: I'm a bit of a fan of long plotty stories of the case/mission fic style and AUs with imaginative worldbuilding (though, since I'll also back button out of long fic that isn't grabbing me I probably end up leaving more comments on kudos on shorter stories even if, when I like long fic, I like it more than short fic). I do also love a well written character vignette. I'm definitely mostly a genre fiction person. I've enjoyed material in all styles and of all ratings though there are some labels I'm more wary of (e.g., torture and non-con) than others. At the moment the fandoms I'm mostly reading are Avengers, Sherlock, Primeval, Dr Who and Firefly. I write a lot of Primeval fiction (partly because the fandom has a very active drabbling community) but there are several fandoms I'd like to write more of this year, including smaller ones such as Sapphire and Steel, Robin of Sherwood and The Queen's Thief series.

I Play: In the past I've played [community profile] origfic_bingo and created my own bingo cards, mostly to help with the worldbuilding around my two original fiction settings. However, in both cases, I want to do some reworking of the settings and that has pretty much put everything on hiatus - it's probably a year since I wrote any original fiction.

I also run [community profile] genprompt_bingo and help run [community profile] ladiesbingo (wearing my [personal profile] purplecat hat) and over on LJ I run a quarterly bingo challenge for the primeval_denial community. I have a couple of online bingo card and prompt generators as well (though its a while since I did anything with them and the interfaces are pretty basic) - Prompt Me, Bingo Cards, All singing and dancing.

Find Me: On DreamWidth I'm [personal profile] annariel for anything to do with creative stuff and [personal profile] purplecat for everything else. On LiveJournal I'm [ profile] lsellersfic (for creative stuff) and [ profile] louisedennis (for everything else). I'm [ profile] annariel on AO3.

About Me: I'm a computer scientist by day, working on autonomous robotics and the verification of agent based systems. I'm female, in my 40s, married with a little one and live in the North West of the UK.
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I am: [personal profile] lilfluff here, LJ, and on deviantArt. AKA Steven. I know there is at least one other person out there using the username and the LilFluff on AIM is not me. That said, I appear to be the most active one, if you see one and especially if the user info says their from the Southwestern US then it's probably me. Cis-male (prefered pronouns he/him/his, if calling me to a table with pumpkin pie or fettuccine Alfredo feel free to use any pronoun or even 'hey you, chicken Alfredo over here!')

I make: Short fiction and occasionally poetry. I intend to expand to other media over time.

I like: Science fiction, fantasy, character and world building, constructed languages... TV fandoms include SG1 & SG:Atlantis, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and non-fiction forensic investigation and science shows (I was a fan of Forensic Files when it was still known as Medical Detectives and I think it's well nigh a crime that Failure Analysis only got one season). From the user name and icon it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to say I'm a furry. I like when tropes are twisted (SGVY: a guy gets picked to be a magical girl because the mascot critter was too lazy to check Yuuki's gender first? That plot summary got me to read it) and I enjoy it when I find a good twist to make.

I play: I have not yet requested cards in the other existing bingo communities, but have been considering it. I currently have a card that was created with the card generation tool that [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith provided a link to.

Find me:
[personal profile] lilfluff here on DreamWidth
[ profile] lilfluff on LiveJournal
LilFluff on deviantArt

FA account under same name, primarily used to favoriting and occasionally commenting. Weasyl account for much the same purpose. Same username for Gmail & chat as well. TheLilFluff on AIM (haven't been signed in for a while).

About me: A science fiction, fantasy, computer, and language geek in the hot and dry desert known as Arizona. Currently renting but if ever have the money and land I'd love to build and earth sheltered home (and private computing center :}). Some of this has seeped into what I've written, such as a character in last years prompt call who brought a date home to show her his Earthship inspired home and his computer cluster, or works that have involved characters running into language barriers (poor Richard Logan who had 'adventures' before even arriving at his alien school due to a defective translator headpiece). I can be quite silly.
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I am [personal profile] aldersprig, Lyn (preferred pronouns she, her, hers).

I make: primarily fiction, micro- and serial fics specialties. Mostly non-reality settings: AUs, modern fantasy, high fantasy, sci fi. There's a dark thread to much of my work.

I like: art, fic (esp. micro/flash fics), gender-swaps, unusual mindsets, spec fic, fantasy, sci-fi... and fanfic.

I play: currently, I have requested cards in [community profile] origfic_bingo and [community profile] trope_bingo. I have played [community profile] kink_bingo in the past.

Find me:
If you find an aldersprig, she's probably me (LJ, DevArt, among two). I am @thornewrites and @LynThorneAlder on Twitter.

And Me:
I live in central NY state, in the heart of the Finger Lakes/Wine Country. I own my own fix'emupper and am dabbling in homesteading, and these things will often show up in my work.

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I Am: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith aka Ysabet.

I Make: Pretty much anything having to do with words made of language. I write nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and in the last couple years I've started dabbling in scripts. My main fields include speculative fiction, gender studies, alternative spirituality, and cultural engineering. A majority of my bingo fills are poetry, some fiction, and I've submitted LOL_HEROES at least once. I'm into shared worlds. I also do photography and assorted crafts, but I haven't used those as bingo fills yet. You can find a lot of my work through my website.

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