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Welcome to 2017, friends and neighbors at [community profile] allbingo! I am the [personal profile] samuraiter, and it is my pleasure to bring you the All Bingo revival of [community profile] darkfantasybingo, a challenge that, unfortunately, only existed for one round before it stopped running. The entire prompt list has been very helpfully ported (à la [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo) into the Bingo Card Generator by [personal profile] magibrain, meaning that this rare bingo challenge can now be experienced by you again.

From the mission statement for the original community (as seen on the [community profile] darkfantasybingo profile page): "A prompt-based bingo challenge centered on Dark Fantasy. We are focused on the interaction between humanity and the fantastical. We want that anticipation - we want our breath caught - our imaginations going into overdrive. We're looking for the moment, the breath before the realization. We want the lure of the unknown, the peril of the shadows, and the chance of a lifetime.

Dark Fantasy definition - ordinary humans faced with fantastic, extraordinary situations in a darker atmosphere. Extra-terrestrial, extra-sensory, supernatural, transhuman situations are all welcome, but the situation must have a dark side to it. Don't get us wrong - happy endings are totally welcome. We love them! The story must go through the dark side though - dark side of nature, human nature, human desire...whatever. All genres, fandoms, pairings are welcome, as is original fiction."

Dates: January 1 – January 31
Rules: Here

And here is a public card to give you a good idea of what to expect from that prompt list. (And man, do I wish I had access to that super-cool background they used for the original cards! Ah, well.)

Mentor Dragons Crossroads Futuristic Witches
Western Telekinesis Regency Deals Hazing
Magic Skinwalkers FREE SPACE Family Abandoned
Psychic Fire Visionary Warlord Third Eye
Dawn Angels Pyrokinesis Spells Disappearance

And the code version of this card is in this box:

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Good morning, friends and neighbors at [community profile] allbingo! I am the [personal profile] samuraiter, and I am pleased to be hosting Solo Celebration Bingo II, a reprise of the 2014 original, hosted by [personal profile] vexed_wench. As she originally said, this bingo is here to celebate National Masturbation Month (or the Merry Month of Masturbation, as certain online communities call it), and that means "promoting the healthy enjoyment of one's body with erotic works". The public card is below. To generate it, I used a selection from the romance list, carefully tweaked to avoid some things that would probably be just about impossible to do by oneself.

Dates: May 1 – May 31
Rules: Here

This is the public card, though you are welcome to generate a card of your own, too.

Love letters Failure to perform Can't get no satisfaction Morning-after regrets Love at first sight
Masturbation Celebratory sex Such a gentleman Valentines Sex on the beach
Sex in the morning Wet dream FREE SPACE Seclusion Mile high club
Experimentation Public places Bondage & discipline Nice guys come last Sex in the shower / tub
Ladies first Condoms are fun Caught in the act Not my best friend Greedy / desperate

And the code version of this card is in this box.


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