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Author: Amy [personal profile] innitmarvelous
Fandoms: The Avengers, Iron Man, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Prompts: Glow-in-the-dark, Clouds, Fishing, Friends/Friendship

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I will be running the Cottoncandy Bingo Fest from August 1-31. This theme focuses on things which are light, fluffy, and sweet. Fills may include some challenging elements, but ideally, the overall tone should be uplifting. Everyone is encouraged to play. All formats and fandoms are welcome, along with original work. There are no size requirements.

The primary list of prompts comes from the old Cottoncandy Bingo community, now available on the Bingo Card Generator, and the Gentle Fiction list is equally apt. You may also want to choose prompts from Robert Plutchik's 1980 List of Emotions, Childhood Experiences, Emotions, People-watching, Positive Coping Techniques, Problems That Can't Be Solved By Hitting, Types of Family, and/or Little Actions For Self-Care. Feel free to mix and match if you want to make your own. Some fun patterns you might like to try: Airplane, Kite, Top Hat, Turtle.

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Author: Silverr
Fandoms: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Religious or other festival
Link to cardGen bingo Round 1

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Completed my bingo for CCB!

Creator: [personal profile] elizabeth_rice/[ profile] elizabeth_rice
Fandom: Teen Wolf.
Type of Bingo/extra: Single line bingo, and Individual square extra.
Prompts: Water, First meeting, Film/movie/video, Dark, Play, and Beach.
Media: fanfiction and rec sets.
Language: all in English.
Link to card: my CCB card.

1. Single line bingo, which consists of three fics and two rec sets (all fics).

Prompts in order: Water, First meeting, Film/movie/video, Dark, Play )

2. Individual square extra: one fic.

Prompt: Beach )

PS: sorry, but I'm not sure if I should use prompt tags so I've removed them now.
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This bingo is for the N column in my 3-30-14 card.

Creator: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith 
Fandoms: Other: Original (Fledgling Grace), Other: Torn World, Other: Original (Polychrome Heroics)
Type of Bingo/Extra: Single-Line Bingo
Prompts Used: Color, Building/Creating something, Wild Card: First Meeting, Jumping/Skipping rope, Seeking/Finding love
Media Used: Poetry, Fiction
Language: English 

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