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Not my best topic; I only filled 5 squares.

B1 (fellowship) -- "Creatures of Chaos" (Polychrome Heroics) 
B2 (sportsmanship) -- "Ratscrew" (Polychrome Heroics)

I4 (roleplaying games) -- "Two to Twenty"  (stand-alone)

O2 (chess) -- "Victory Conditions" (Polychrome Heroics: Antimatter & Stalwart Stan)
O4 (relaxation) -- "Woodsmoke and Memories" (Polychrome Heroics: Officer Pink)
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My card is here; I'm working on creating the background for my Nanowrimo piece.

Worldbuilding looks at roads and oppression, calendars, holidays, and luxuries.

Culture-Building looks at fashion, both body and clothing, entertainment, and housing arrangements
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I'm cohosting with [personal profile] dialecticdreamer for the Sports and Games fest this month. It's all about recreation.

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Welcome to the Worldbuilding 4x4x4 Festival! This September and October, we're going to work on clarifying worldbuilding at four different levels: the world itself, the (or a) culture in which your story takes place, the dynamics of a group within your story (possibly the protagonists or antagonists), and an individual character (possibly your main character or primary antagonist).

The Rules:

  1. Generate four cards at the Bingo Generator. (If you have any problems, or prefer to have a mod generate the cards for you, let me know!)

    Each card will be either 4x4 or 2x2. One will use the "Worldbuilding" list under Ysabetwordsmith's Miscellaneous Prompts; one will use the"Culturebuilding Considerations" list under Community-Contributed Lists, one will use the "Group Dynamics Considerations" list under Community-Contributed Lists; and one will use the "Characterbuilding Considerations" list under Community-Contributed Lists.

    Feel free to strike out any prompts you don't want, or which don't fit your world. (For example, it's fine to nix "Fossil record" from the Worldbuilding list if your entire story takes place on a spaceship, or something. Unless your spaceship has been drifting long enough that it has its own fossil record, which – just sayin' – could be really cool.)

  2. Write one story (or produce one work) for each card. The work must incorporate all four prompts – either in a Bingo (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) on a 4x4 card, or a postage stamp/blackout on a 2x2.

So: four cards produce four stories, with four prompts each. 4x4x4.

Example 1: 2x2 Worldbuilding Card )

Example 2: 4x4 Group Dynamics card )

The goal here isn't just to get you to drill down into your world, from a bird's-eye view to an up-close and personal exploration of character. It's to get you playing with the ways in which different details interact to form rich, complex situations. Worlds become vivid and surprising when plot events and characters don't exist in isolation: even if you know precisely what mechanics you need to make your story and plot function, shading in background detail and complicating environmental factors make the entire thing feel more alive.

Whether you're working in an established universe or generating a new one from the ground up – and whether you're using this to build up to NaNoWriMo or coming along for the ride for yourself – I hope you enjoy this Worldbuilding 4x4x4 Festival!
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Last month was a lot of fun and to show you how much we loved your work we made some banners. Anyone who stumbles across this later feel free to grab the bottom one whenever you finish.

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Wow y'all are awesome. It is now November so the Halloween / Samhain Fest is offically closed. If you finish your bingo you can still post it and there will be a non personalized banner free for the taking.

Speaking of banners I will have them up as soon as I can. Again y'all are awesome!

Please watch the com for [personal profile] dialecticdreamer's post about November's theme and info.
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Welcome to Halloween/Samhain Fest. [personal profile] vexed_wench and I will be your guest hosts for the month.

I personally love all things fall and Halloween, but both [personal profile] vexed_wench and I realize that not everyone has fandoms or original universes that support that. We have tried to come up with a few lists that could fit into almost any verse, even if Halloween is not your cup of tea.

Feel free to use any prompt how they speak to you. We have them separated just to make the list a bit more manageable.

For example if you use a movie or music post, feel free to just work off the tittle, or you can remix the movie it's up to you.

Many of the prompts are open to a variety of interpretations. For example, “Scream Queen” could refer to the women of horror movies, the reality TV show, the new TV show on Fox, a literal screaming queen, several smutty interpretations, or a variety of other things I have not thought of yet.

As usual there will banners at the end of the month. Also fill can be made of anything, fic, poetry, vid, pod fics, hand crafts. Art, icons, and wallpaper are nice as well.

This is a fall & Halloween fest themed month so why not share some of your favorites and rec yours or someone else work.

Anything goes this month the only limit is your imagination.

There is a public card at the bottom of this post, or feel free to make you own here.

You can mix or match any of the prompts below or pick your own if like.

Also, remember there are pre-made prompt lists at the bingo generator that will work for this challenge as well, such as; sci fi sub genre, fantasy sub genre, horror sub genre, superpowers, tv trope horror tropes, four tarot cards lists, death list, supernatural creatures, desperate situation, and end of the world.

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Well, I guess October has ended around the world so I'm closing the Horror Bingo fest. Of course, if you've created anything but haven't posted it yet you're welcome to post it whenever it's ready and to continue to use the public cards.

Congratulations to [personal profile] n0t_again and [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for calling bingo! [personal profile] n0t_again posted a blackout! [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith created a total of 12 fills and at least one bingo! (ysabet, if you want me to include a link to your bingo fills, feel free to send me the link, I'll edit this post and add it.) ETA: Here are the links to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's fills.

Alas, my own straight line bingo isn't ready yet. I have managed to write one fanfic and make one rec set, but I still need to make three more fills. I hope I can post it before the end of the year.

Since I won't be guest hosting another bingo for the year 2014, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone. I want to thank [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and everyone at [community profile] allbingo for the opportunity and for their support and encouragement. I've had so much fun being a guest host. Thank you! ♥
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Hello, everyone! This is just a reminder that the Horror Bingo fest will be over in about 10 days. So if you're planning to make a bingo you still have some time. Here's the link to the post with the rules and the public cards. If remixes are not your cup of tea, all other types of fanworks and orig works are welcome too!

It looks like I might be able to make a bingo too. One of my goals this year is to rec more fanworks and I'm hoping to make rec sets for at least two prompts. *fingers crossed*

Thank you for your time and I hope you're having fun!
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Welcome! We are now open!

The Horror Bingo will run throughout the month of October. The theme for the month of October is Horror or Halloween. Make a bingo by creating fanworks or an orig works that focusses on horror or supernatural theme. Everything that is allowed in [community profile] allbingo is allowed during this month too. Fanworks or orig works including but not limited to -- fics, art, icons, wallpapers, podfics, poems, meta, vids, rec lists, crafts, cakes (I know many Harry Potter fans who created their own recipes for pumpkin juice, non-alcoholic butterbeer etc). So let your imagination go wild!

The bonus theme for this month is remixes. So if you wish, you may make one or more remixes (please make sure you have permission to do so!).

Rules for Remixes )

You may create your own card, or use one of the Halloween-themed cards linked here (thanks again to [personal profile] gigglingkat for allowing me to borrow them!), or you may use the public card I created for this month.

Special bingo patterns for October: the capital letter 'H' or the small letter 'h'. Which of course stands for Halloween and horror. For an example, see below the public card.

Horror Bingo Public Card )

Example Bingo Patterns )

Any questions, suggestions, corrections, please feel free to comment! Also, please note that I'm following the US timezone. I mean, I'm guessing that majority of the members here are Americans so this way may be less confusing.
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Hellloooo my fellow ghoulies! And welcome.

October is fast approaching
So lets get those cauldrons bubbling

Don your witches' hats and grab your brooms
Gather all your potions, herbs and mushrooms

Because it will soon be time for the Horror Bingo Fest! Ah-rooooo

~ * ~

Haha, sorry for the lame rhyming, I just really love Halloween and couldn't resist. I think it's the most fun holiday Americans came up with.

Anyway, now for the rules. The Horror Bingo will run throughout the month of October. Now I know the programme says this is supposed to be a remix bingo but I've decided to open the bingo to all forms of transformative works. So you may still make remixes but it's not the only thing you can make. So go ahead and make fanfics, fanart, meta, poems, fan mixes, rec lists, podfics, crafts, or remix to your heart's content!

Special bingo patterns for October: the capital letter 'H' or the small letter 'h'. Which of course stands for Halloween and horror. For an example, see below the public card.

Here is AB's list of achievements.

Rules for Remixes )

And here is the public card I made (you can make your own or use another Halloween or Horror-themed cards):
Horror Bingo Public Card )

Example Bingo Patterns )

Edit: Here are two more Halloween-themed bingo cards from [community profile] fanbingo. [personal profile] gigglingkat has given me permission to use them for this fest.

Any suggestions/corrections, please feel free to comment!


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