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Creator Name: [personal profile] spiralicious aka Kattrip033 aka Kat
Bingo Community: [community profile] allbingo
Card Theme: Winterfest in July
List of Prompts: Aggressively Festive Holiday Sweater, Yule Goat, Bacon Day – December 30, Christmas Cactus, & Pretty Paper
Link to Card: https://spiralicious.dreamwidth.org/293651.html

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Creator Name: vexed_wench
Community:[community profile] allbingo
List of Prompts:Mittens,Strings of popcorn,Snow Ball Fight/Snow Fort
Link to Card : My Card
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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Welcome to Winter Fest in July. [personal profile] spiralicious and I will be you guest host for the month.

We love all things winter and Christmas. We realize that not everyone has fandoms or original universes that support that. We tried to come up with a few lists that could fit into almost any verse.

Feel free to use any prompt how they speak to you. I have them separated just to make the list a bit more manageable.

For example if you use a movie or music post feel free to just work off the tittle, or you can remix the movie it's up to you.

As usual there will banners at the end of the month. Also fills can be made of anything, fic, poetry, vid, pod fics,recs and hand crafts. Art, icons, and wallpaper are nice as well.

This is a winter fest themed month so why not share some of your favorites and rec yours or someone else work.

Anything goes this month the only limit is your imagination.

There is a public card at the bottom of this post, or feel free to make you own here.

You can mix or match any of the prompts below or pick your own if like.

Most of all we hope you have fun!



Music & Movies

Winter Characters



December Holidays
A months worth of special days.

Public Card

A Boyfriend for Christmas Make a list ¿Dónde Está Santa Claus? (Where Is Santa Claus?) Holiday in Handcuffs Coca Cola Polar Bear
Wise Men Mrs. Miracle National Hard Candy Day - December 19 Mudd Day - December 20 Eight Days of Hanukka
Nuts Candy FREE SPACE We Three Kings (Star of Wonder) Joseph
Santa Claws National Hamburger Day - December 21 Festively Aggressive Sweaters Chopping Mall Suzy Snowflake
National Roast Suckling Pig Day - December 18 Oh Chanukah Dominick the Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey) Candles Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

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I'm so happy to see so many people were inspired by the thought of winter in July.

I hope everyone is excited to participate in [personal profile] dialecticdreamer 's As You Like It themed challenge.

Everyone's banner has the code to paste into where you would like to hang it. They link back to your post here in [community profile] allbingo  with your fills. The last one links to the original post.

Thank you so much to everyone who  bingo'ed and will make one in the future.

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I am thrilled to see how many people were inspired by the Winter Fest in July theme.

Today is the first so the theme will officially close to make way for August's theme.

I will have banners for y'all over the weekend.

Thanks y'all for making this so much fun.
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Name: Kiramaru7

Bingo Community: [community profile] allbingo

Card Theme: Winter Fest in July

Prompts: Snow Bunnies, Mistletoe, Cookies, Snow, Yule
My Card: My Card

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