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The Pagan Fest seems to have gone astray, and there's nothing scheduled for June yet.  Would anyone like to step in as a pinch-hitter for May, or claim the June slot? 
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[personal profile] yonkyu2017-05-09 05:53 pm

Bingo Blackout:The Month of Rainbows!!!

Creator Name: [personal profile] yonkyu
Community: [community profile] allbingo
Fandoms: Original, specifically Madrona at [community profile] madrona_project
List of prompts: purple pizzazz, wild strawberry, tickle me pink, purple mountains' majesty
Link to Card: My Bingo Card
Author's Note: The Month of April was the Month of Rainbows at [community profile] allbingo. I made a 2x2 bingo card, to help motivate myself to complete some prompts to help support my writing. I completed my bingo card before my vacation, but wanted a beta to look at them before posting. This is original works: plot, world building, and character development are propriety of the author. All works are PG rating.

Title: The Birthday Party
Prompt: Purple Pizzazz
Fandom: Madrona
World: Lantana
Character: Pearl Aster
Word Count: 100
Summary: Pearl plans her sweet sixteen birthday party with her family.

Title: The Odd Flower Out
Prompt: Wild Strawberry
Fandom: Madrona
World: Lantana
Character: William Aster
Word Count: 124
Beta: cheshirejin
Summary: William plants a new bush in the garden and discovers a sweet surprise.

Title: Bonding Time
Prompt: Tickle Me Pink
Fandom: Madrona
World: Lantana
Character: Samantha Aster
Word Count: 100
Beta: cheshirejin
Summary: Remembering a moment in her daughter’s life.

Title: Family Moments
Prompt: Purple Mountains’ Majesty
Fandom: Madrona
World: Lantana
Character: Jacob Aster
Word Count: 100
Beta: cheshirejin
Summary: Watching the horizon.

April's Bingo

These colors were such fun. I used them exclusive in original fiction. I'll include a little line of each. You can find my card here
I got a bingo straight across.

B - Sasquatch Sneakers - from a paranormal romance These Haunted Hills "Thanks for letting me hear this. What did you think that cry was?”

“Literally no idea. Could have been a Sasquatch for all I know.”

I - Milky Way - ibid, - Sitting in the rickety lawn chair, he stared up at the sky. Cloudless, the heavens gleamed.

N - Free so have this from another prompt community, ibid, “I just hope they cook up right on the grill. I’m not used to charcoal.” Brendan prodded the briquettes with a long meat fork.

G - Sweet Brown - from a new, unnamed Gaslight Fantasy - She wore a green velvet ribbon holding back her long hair that waved down her back in a rich sweet brown river, like the chocolates Zvon had only ever seen in a shop window. He’d never been able to afford any.

O - Off Road, These Haunted HIlls He was going to drive into the wilderness with a man he’d only met the day before. What if he was about to be the next ghost haunting this woods?
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April Banners

I would like to thank everyone who had rainbow themed fills in April.
Below you'll find your banners and there is one for anyone that makes a bingo for the theme.

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April Monthly Post

This is the April community post for [community profile] allbingo. What were your bingo activities during the past month? What are your plans for May?

For April we had:

Month of Rainbows by [personal profile] vexed_wench
This fest ran April 1-30, featuring a wide variety of Crayola crayon colors.

For May we will have:

Pagan Fest hosted by [personal profile] roro66 
This honors Beltane on May 1 and National Pagan Coming Out Day on May 2.

See the 2017 schedule for examples and details of other events.


I have made bingo down the I column of my 4-1-17 card for the Month of Rainbows Bingo fest.

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Bingo! For Month of Rainbows!

Creator Name: vexed_wench
Community:[community profile] allbingo
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, Grimm (TV), The Walking Dead (TV)
List of Prompts:Deep Space Sparkle, Asparagus, Wild Strawberries
Link to Card : My Card
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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[personal profile] kiramaru72017-04-30 08:56 pm
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Double row Bingo: The Month of Rainbows

Name: kiramaru7
Bingo Community: [community profile] allbingo
Card Theme: the month of rainbows
Prompts: Canary, Wild Strawberry, Cornflower, Baby Powder, Asparagus, Inchworm, Zombie Laundry, Unmellow Yellow, Fresh Air, Booger Buster
My Card: My Card

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April Month of Rainbows challenge

I decided to make a photo edit/picspam/aesthetic using personal photos showing my favourite colours.

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Another FInish It Bingo!

Okay, so I missed all the bingo challenges since, but this is my third Finish It bingo card finished! (ha)


(I have a lot of open projects ;-)

this is a sort of strange


Two lines bingo, but it's six squares in a pattern!

On to card number four!
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Origfic_Bingo is back in action!

[personal profile] k_a_webb is now a moderator of [community profile] origfic_bingo.  \o/  Congratulations!  \o/  There is a new card request post open where you can go to ask for a card in your choice of Gen, Romance, Kink, or a combination of themes.  This community has long been a mainstay of creative bingo for people who aren't making fanworks.
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April the month of rainbows

Welcome to the month of rainbows!

I will be your host for the month. I have supplied a huge prompt list. It is all of the Crayola's colors past, current, and discontinued from their various products. There is a huge list with examples of the color here.

You may use the prompt however it speaks to you. If it inspires an emotion or the actual color that is up to you and your muse.

As always one of the great things about [community profile] allbingo is that you are not limited to just fics. You can do whatever strikes your fancy,

Fic, art, icons, videos, pic spams, recs, handcrafts, heck if you want to fill a bingo with decorated pastries that fit the color theme that would be awesome.

I will be making banners for those of you that make a bingo by the last day of April.

Happy creating and any question feel free to poke me.

Public Card

Red Violet Rose Goldenrod Leather Jacket Sasquatch Socks
Booger Buster Tigers Eye Timberwolf Ocean Green Orange Red
Fresh Air Magic Potion FREE SPACE Bittersweet Ocean Blue
Mountain Meadow Shampoo Sapphire Pacific Blue Meat Brown
Burnt Sienna Peaches and Cream Lumber Aquamarine Midnight

You can also make your own card here.

You can use any colors you wish or randomly pick from this list.

I hope everyone has a great time!

Disability Bingo Fills

I didn't get 5 in a line this month, but did make 8 fills on my Disability Bingo Card

B4 (creative solutions to limits) -- "A Tornado of Thought" (Polychrome Heroics: Calliope)
B5 (autism or Asperger's syndrome) -- "Listening Back" (An Army of One)

I3 (post-traumatic stress disorder) -- "What Real Courage Is" (Polychrome HeroicsOfficer Pink)

N1 (determination) -- "A Bridged Right" (standalone)

G3 (intentional neighboring) -- "The Quick Brown Fox" (Polychrome Heroics)
G5 (adaptive equipment) -- "Reveal to the Universe" (Polychrome Heroics: Aquariana)

O2 (depression) -- "In That Terrible Inbetween" (Polychrome HeroicsOfficer Pink)
O4 (anxiety) -- "To Appreciate Small Victories" (Polychrome HeroicsShiv)

March Monthly Post

This is the March community post for [community profile] allbingo. What were your bingo activities during the past month? What are your plans for April?

For March we had:

Disability Bingo Fest from March 1-30 hosted by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. There were two public cards, one of handicaps and the other about people with disabilities.

For April we will have:

Month of Rainbows by [personal profile] vexed_wench  
This fest will run April 1-30, featuring a wide variety of Crayola crayon colors.

See the 2017 schedule for examples and details of other events.

Bingo: Single Line - GenPrompt Bingo Round 11

Author: craterdweller
Fandoms: Merlin (BBC), Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Prompts: Innocence, Science and Magic, Books are the Best Weapons, Day in the Life, Song Inspired

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Disability Bingo Fest

March is Disability Awareness Month. Now is a good time to think about limitations of all kinds -- mental, physical, even metaphysical for those of you working with speculative settings. This challenge will run from March 1-March 31.

The bingo card generator has two lists specifically related to this month's theme. Handicaps is a list of particular impairments that you might find inspiring. People with Disabilities is full of characters and situations that come up in this context. You can make a card for one or both, or mix them together. Some other lists you might like to use include Characterization Tropes, Childhood Experiences, Desperate Situations, Emotions, Gentle Fiction, Negative Coping Techniques, Positive Coping Techniques, Problems That Can't Be Solved By Hitting, Little Actions for Self-Care, and any of the Hurt/Comfort Bingo lists. For the public cards, I offer you a 4x4 in each of the two thematic lists.


Autism or Asperger's SyndromeArthritisMutismAmputation
ParalysisHearing LossDyslexiaDown Syndrome
Chronic FatigueBalance DisorderFetal Alcohol SyndromeEpilepsy


Special Olympics / Handicapped SportsDisability PrideCompensating for Each Other's WeaknessesInvoluntary Healing
Erasure of Handicapped PeopleFamily Support Makes a DifferenceYour Ability Is a Disability HereAbilitybending
Stop Treating Me Like a ChildSign LanguageAll-Disabled Heroic TeamAccessibility FAIL
That Episode Should Have Crippled ThemService AnimalsMagical DisabilityAdaptive Equipment

February Monthly Post

This is the February community post for [community profile] allbingo. What were your bingo activities during the past month? What are your plans for March?

For February we had:

Valentine's Fest from February 1-28 hosted by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith. There were be 3x3 cards offered in the categories of Romantic, Erotic, Heartbroken, Platonic, and Love Songs. 

We don't have anything scheduled for March or April yet!  If anyone's looking to host a fest, now's the time.

See the 2017 schedule for examples and details of other events.

BINGO: Valentines Fest

I have made bingo along Row 1 of my Romantic card and Row 2 of my Platonic card.  Beyond those six fills, I have three more in Romantic, two more in Platonic, and three in Love Songs.  \o/ 


B1 ("taking it slow") -- "Everything That You Are Chasing" (Polychrome Heroics: Calliope)
I1 ("chocolates") -- "Even If You Stumble a Little" (Polychrome HeroicsCassandra)
N1 ("odd couple") -- "Shared Vulnerability" (Polychrome Heroics: Shiv)

N3 ("love without limits") -- "A Bicycle Built for Three" (Polychrome HeroicsCassandra)

I2 ("demisexual / demiromantic") -- "A New Truth" (An Army of One)
I3 ("such a gentleman") -- "Star-crossed, Sun-swept" (Gloryroad Crossing)


I1 ("respect limits") -- "So Glad That You're Here" (Polychrome Heroics: Officer Pink)
N1 ("talk with a friend") -- "Best Measured in Friends" (Polychrome HeroicsOfficer Pink)

B2 ("nonsexual touch") -- "Essential for Human Survival" (Polychrome HeroicsCassandra)
I2 ("WILD CARD: family love") -- "Marjorie's Baby" (Polychrome Heroics)
N2 ("be here now") -- "Their Old Familiar Carols Play" (LIFC)


I1 ("I'm on Fire") -- "The Source of Pain" (Polychrome HeroicsOfficer Pink)

B3 ("You've Got a Friend") -- "To Feel Your Bare Feet" (Polychrome HeroicsAquariana)

O5 ("Internet Friends") -- "Spinning Intimacy" (standalone)

Bingo Claims: Hurt/Comfort and Trope Bingo

Late last year I claimed single line bingo in both [community profile] hc_bingo round seven and [community profile] trope_bingo round seven. I've just got around to posting the claims and hc-bingo banners to my journal and so I thought I'd add the links here too.

hurt/comfort bingo )

trope bingo )

Valentines Bingo Fest

The Valentine's Day Bingo Fest will run from February 1-28. The theme is Valentine's Day and it spans both love and loss. To mix things up a bit, I've done two things:

1) Prompts are divided into several groups. Romantic prompts feature positive relationships based on sweet affection, but don't have to involve sex. Erotic prompts are the carnal and kinky ones. Heartbroken prompts are about lost relationships and other things going wrong. Platonic prompts are for asexual, solo, or family inspiration. Love songs are title prompts of all flavors that you can use any way you want.

2) A 3x3 card is offered in each category, in hopes of making it easier to blackout.

Feel free to mix and match the prompts, though, if you want a more diverse card. You can make a standard 5x5 or whatever you want. Creative interpretation is encouraged, and you don't have to stick to a category just because you're using its prompts. Sometimes it's fun to make ordinary things sexy or erotic things platonic.
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