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Fandoms: I don't do fandoms.
List of Prompts: the river - tapping the vein / heart of the ocean - gaelic storm / free space / light up my room - barenaked ladies / superhero - ani difranco
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I got the last story done at 11:58 pm. Posted at 11:59, lol.
Please let me know if I screwed up the formatting of this post.

Title: Death or Ice Cream
Fandom: Original Content.
Prompt: The River - Tapping the Vein
Medium: Short Fiction.
Size: 1,058 words.
Rating: 18
Warnings: Emotional angst. Aborted suicide attempt. Mean words about a fat person, who gives nary a care.

“I don’t think this is really a safe place to hang out.”

The unexpected words nearly sent Arin tumbling off the ledge, into the icy river below. A hand caught her shoulder long enough to steady her, then let go. She glared over her shoulder.

Notes: It may be a little disjointed. Halfway through I stopped to go get tacos and didn't quite capture the same exact vibe. But I don't know if it is noticeable. I'm basing my assertion off of what colors the sections are, not readability.

Find it here.

Title: Out of Depth
Fandom: Original Content.
Prompt: Heart of the Ocean - Gaelic Storm
Medium: Short Fiction.
Size: 1,570 words.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Emotional angst. Abusive parent.

Sand crusted her shoelaces and slipped beneath the tongue of her sneakers, leaving gritty streaks of irritation across the tops of her feet. Her teeth were grinding so hard they creaked. And in the pockets of her hoodie her hands were diamond-hard fists.

The gulls, always happy to see a frequent free meal, avoided her. Tourists took one look and gave her wide berth. Good.

And then the ocean spat out a man, right at her feet. He was green. His hair like matted seaweed and his skin such a light green it was almost white, with a faint opalescent sheen. And his fins were green, too. Rich velvety emerald green.

Notes: I wanna work more on this, at some point. I liked it.

Find it here.

Title: Walking Home
Fandom: Original Content.
Prompt: Light Up My Room - Barenaked Ladies
Medium: Short Fiction.
Size: 2,547 words.
Rating: U / PG
Warnings: Emotional angst. Disjointed conversation and miscommunication.

“You walk home every night? Through this neighborhood?”

Max glanced at Carly from the corner of his eyes, gauging her mood. Curious, not disgusted or hostile; judging by the tilt of her head and the curve of her lips.

“No. Sometimes I take the shortcut,” he said. In his head, his voice was a low buzz, like a drowsy bee.

Carly’s voice was the ringing of church bells.

“It’s just so . . . empty,” she said, her eyes following the line of electric towers that marched through a cleared swath of land and over the crumbling road, onwards toward the horizon.

Her eyes were grey, Max thought. Pewter or lead with a sheen of mercury. Quicksilver. Malleable.

Her eyes flicked to him. She’d spoken, he realized, and she waited for an answer.

Notes: This one needs the most work. It was shifting under my fingers and didn't settle as neatly as I'd prefer. Bleh.

Find it here.

Title: Blowing Back Into Town.
Fandom: Original Content.
Prompt: Superhero - Ani DiFranco
Medium: Short Fiction.
Size: 1,417 words.
Rating: U / PG
Warnings: Emotional angst. Person who can't handle surprises has find a way to cope.

Bin opened one eye a mere slit. “Not much. Go away.”

A grungy man in dirty, torn jeans and a ragged tee grinned with startling white teeth and perfect pink lips. His tousled hair went from looking unkempt and greasy to styled and glossy in the instant his smile lasted.

“Is that anyway to treat an old friend?” He asked, leaning forward with his elbows on this thighs and his fingers steepled under his chin. He was pure stray dog again. “Come on, Bin, it’s been awhile.”

Notes: Another Bin story. Don't know where this hep cat came from but I like them.

Find it here.

Did an extra fill.

Title: Chilly When You're Alone.
Fandom: Original Content.
Prompt: My December - Linkin Park
Medium: Short Fiction.
Size: 1,114 words.
Rating: U / PG
Warnings: Emotional angst. Kid trying to run away from home.

She felt fairly transformed. Almost new.

Her eyes snagged on a man. Early twenties. Red jeans. Artistically torn white band t-shirt. Red leather bomber jacket. White sneakers. Taller than average. Lean. Pleasant expression that didn’t match his somber eyes.

He stuck out in the crowd like a regal cardinal in a flock of chattering sparrows.

She saw, also, how people looked at him as he went by. Admiration, awe, fear, disgust. Sneers and wide eyes and head shakes. Lily wondered if she’d be so aware of things like this if her parents hadn’t trained her so well in what would happen if she didn’t notice every tiny unspoken cue. Probably not. Probably, she’d be as carefree and clueless as any other teenager.

Notes: Superhero stuff, maybe possibly. Runaway rescue unit or something. There's a larger story in my head but I don't know if I'll go back to this one. Re-reading it is kind of making me cringe.

Find it here.


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*fanfare* *confetti*

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congrats! I've been there - last minutes before a deadline :) Well done!

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