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Here are the posting parameters and template for the [community profile] allbingo community.  [personal profile] annariel has made a batch of icons for this community, some generic and some for specific fandoms, if you wish to use them.

Posting Template

This is the recommended posting template for calling bingo in this community. You are not obligated to use it, but this helps greatly with organization. You may omit lines if they are irrelevant to your content, or add lines if you consistently need one that's not here. It's okay to use a template from another fest if you are using one of their cards and echoing your bingo call here. Do not post whole works to this community; post them in another venue and include a summary with links when you call bingo. The subject line of your post should state the type of bingo.

Creator Name:
List of Prompts:
Link to Card:



This tells people your source material for the work, if any.  There are numerous fandoms, usually listed by the canon title, although some have their own nicknames.

For large, current fandoms you probably don't need more than the name.  For older and/or obscure fandoms, you might want to include a link to a description of the fandom or its background source.  

For original projects, you can put just the name in this line, but include a few sentences of summary above the fill template ("The following story belongs to my steampunk serial Train Jobs, which features a train robber and his dancing monkey...") as well.  Link to the landing page if your project has one.


We recommend the use of the BBFC rating system.  The introduction explains what kind of things are considered in rating a film and why.  This system pays attention to how a work makes people feel (i.e. if it's likely to upset viewers) or act ("imitable behavior" covers unwise things that small children might copy).  Scroll down and click the colored symbols in the left sidebar for a detailed description of each rating, what it may and may not include, along with analysis of other considerations.  You should be able to read those guidelines and get a pretty clear idea of how to rate a work, unlike the American rating system which is a lot more vague.  Because this system isn't as widely known in America, you might want to say "BBFC rating 12" or whatever and link the BBFC part.

If you're only familiar with the American rating system, that's okay too.  It doesn't provide clear guidelines and the rating process is not as meticulous, but most people will recognize it.

Warnings and Notes

Warnings are for things that appear on many people's Do Not Want list. A typical list of warnings expected by bingo fest audiences includes: Abuse, Major Character Death, Graphic Violence, Nonconsent / Dubious Consent, Self-harm, Underage sexual activity. You may say "No Standard Warnings Apply" to rule out these major ones, then add others of your own.  If you know your audience includes people with a certain trigger, put it in there!  Putting "None" in the warning line indicates work that should be safe for general audiences.

Notes are for things that might bother some people but not others, or things that people often seek out.  Here you can list other tags including reassurances such as "Current Environment is Safe / Supportive" or "Happy Ending."  This is also the place where you can include any information that doesn't easily fit elsewhere in the thumbnail, such as if a piece is available for sponsorship or has Creative Commons markers to indicate what may be done with it.

Nobody is obligated to use warnings and/or notes to indicate the content of their work. However, these are strongly recommended to assist the audience in finding things they wish to view and avoiding things they do not wish to view. You may state "Choose Not to Warn" and let your audience proceed at their own discretion.  (This is especially useful for works whose complex thematic construction means that either standard warnings or assurances could be misleading.)  The AO3 tag list may be helpful in framing your warnings and/or notes.

[personal profile] amadi has written a detailed post explaining how to make hidden warnings. These appear as a grey block which can be highlighted to reveal the text. This method is recommended for warnings that are spoilers, triggers, or otherwise material that might cause issues for people. The summaries should be pretty safe to read, without hitting people in the face while they are looking for something else.


The tags under your post help people find content they want to browse. Members of the community may create new tags. Please pay attention to the established format when doing so.

bingo: row
Bingo patterns should be listed with "bingo:" and then the name of the pattern.

by: username
Bylines should be listed with "by:" and then the Dreamwidth username of the creator.

fandom: Hulk
Fandom tags should be listed with "fandom:" and then the canon name.  Another tag here is "fandom: stand-alone" for individual works.

medium: art
Medium tags should say "medium:" and then the format of the content.

prompt: love
Prompt tags should say "prompt:" and then whatever is in the square.

theme: hurt/comfort
Theme tags explain what a whole bingo card or fest is about. They should say "theme:" and then a word or two of description. If your card or fest has more than one theme, you may mark whichever ones apply to your post.

Other Types of Posts

Thematic bingo fests tend to discourage posting other than bingo claims or a few admin posts for discussion in the comments. [community profile] allbingo  allows a variety of posts as long as they relate to creative bingo in some way.  We are particularly interested in:

* Introductions of new members.  This helps people find other folks and projects compatible with their interests.  Use the "!introduction" tag.

* News about what you're doing with creative bingo, such as hosting a prompt call with a bingo card.  Use "!news" in general and/or "!crowdfunding" if relevant.

* News about other creative bingo communities or activities.  Use the "!schedule" tag to announce changes between open/amnesty status or other calendar events, or "!news" in general.

* Your bingo cards, particularly if you're playing Creator Bingo or otherwise using a custom-made card with prompts people probably haven't seen in a thematic fest.  You can share your thematic bingo cards too, though.  Please put the card image under a cut.  Use the "card" tag.

* Bingo card generators, prompt lists, or other tools that may be useful for playing creative bingo.  Use the "!resources" tag.

* Conversations about how bingo is played, a new bingo or extra pattern, a new achievement, how to use bingo for creative work, etc.  You may want to tag your post with "!discussion," "!news," or "!resources" depending on the content. 

See "What You Can Do in Allbingo" for more details on posting and community interaction.  Read the rules for general community processes and parameters.

You may also wish to reprint your work in the Allbingo collection on AO3. If you have an account on that fanwork archive, then you can post things to the collection; otherwise you can still browse what other people have shared. Any item created for a square in creative bingo played on this community, which fits the AO3 posting parameters, is eligible for inclusion in that collection.


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