Mar. 31st, 2017

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Welcome to the month of rainbows!

I will be your host for the month. I have supplied a huge prompt list. It is all of the Crayola's colors past, current, and discontinued from their various products. There is a huge list with examples of the color here.

You may use the prompt however it speaks to you. If it inspires an emotion or the actual color that is up to you and your muse.

As always one of the great things about [community profile] allbingo is that you are not limited to just fics. You can do whatever strikes your fancy,

Fic, art, icons, videos, pic spams, recs, handcrafts, heck if you want to fill a bingo with decorated pastries that fit the color theme that would be awesome.

I will be making banners for those of you that make a bingo by the last day of April.

Happy creating and any question feel free to poke me.

Public Card

Red Violet Rose Goldenrod Leather Jacket Sasquatch Socks
Booger Buster Tigers Eye Timberwolf Ocean Green Orange Red
Fresh Air Magic Potion FREE SPACE Bittersweet Ocean Blue
Mountain Meadow Shampoo Sapphire Pacific Blue Meat Brown
Burnt Sienna Peaches and Cream Lumber Aquamarine Midnight

You can also make your own card here.

You can use any colors you wish or randomly pick from this list.

I hope everyone has a great time!


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