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Okay, so I missed all the bingo challenges since, but this is my third Finish It bingo card finished! (ha)

(I have a lot of open projects ;-)

this is a sort of strange


Two lines bingo, but it's six squares in a pattern!

On to card number four!
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My card is here; I'm working on creating the background for my Nanowrimo piece.

Worldbuilding looks at roads and oppression, calendars, holidays, and luxuries.

Culture-Building looks at fashion, both body and clothing, entertainment, and housing arrangements
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I have completed a second Finish-It Bingo Card. I may be at this all year~

Settings/Stories continued include

My ace prince rescued by his ace merc (starts here)
A brother & sister surviving Addergoole (starts here)
My Space Accountant starts to learn some things (starts here)
In a creepy world, the Ash is still unburnt (starts here)
Archeologists in a steampunk fantasy world unearth something horrible. (starts here)
an Aunt & a niece find trouble in the family archives (starts here)
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Okay, phew, that took longer than I thought it would, but I "completed" (came to a nice stopping point on) six fictions hanging out there:

Now I'm gonna reshuffle and do it again...
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I'm sort of excited about this, actually.

I wrote this story - - finishing a long-running "Never Steal a Dweomer" story in my Dragons Next Door universe.

It fills the 6 down, 4 over square on my card.

Five to go!!


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