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NSFW Apr. 27th, 2017 06:58 pm
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Apr. 27th, 2017 06:10 pm
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why are they so thingy?
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The Power of Nature at Natural Bridges National Monument

Utah’s first national park unit, Natural Bridges National Monument, has the largest span of bridges thought to be over 5,000 years old! Learn how the three iconic bridges were formed and the meaning behind their names.
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Ever wonder what the highest kudo’d work on ao3 is?

wonder no more.

Seriously whatever you are expecting, this isn’t it.

I don’t know what to say…

…I’m speechless.


I knew it had to be this one.

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The final chapter of Confluence is now up over at AO3.

Title: Confluence
Author: [personal profile] dhw
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Rupert Giles/Buffy Summers
mild kink, dom!Giles, sub!Buffy
Currently posted: Chapter 4 of 4.

The new year brings with it a host of new challenges. Buffy's meddling little sister being the least of them...

You can read it HERE at AO3

(Part of the Sanctuary Series)


Also, on another Buffy-related note:

Sign ups for this year's Summer of Giles are now open over at [community profile] summer_of_giles . 



I am SO excited. Two whole months of fanworks dedicated to our favouritest of Watchers. What could be better?
Nothing. That's what.

SPN Video Spam 16

Apr. 27th, 2017 12:28 pm
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I am under the weather once again and today will most likely be a very difficult one as far as Life Drawing Group is concerned, but hey, Supernatural is back tonight. Let the good times roll.

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Chapter 14: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

“That don’t mean I have to like it!”  Howard wasn’t quite bellowing, but it was a close call.  Arnbjörg looked up from the onions she was chopping just in time to see Magnolia put a soothing hand on his arm.

“He’s not gonna hurt her, Howard, honey, and he’s certainly not gonna do any lasting damage.  I know she’s your friend—”

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Rescue, Rescue

Apr. 27th, 2017 01:08 pm
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Written to some of [personal profile] lilfluff's prompts.
The characters uh. Have something to do with [personal profile] wyste's ongoing very long fanfic. That is, ah,
are completely original. Really.

Jaime had gotten himself “arrested” by simply being in the wrong (right) place at the wrong (right) time, an occurrence that had been happening far too much lately. A suggestion that he happened to be maybe A Little Bit Magical had gotten him put in the right cells, and then it had taken just four or five mundane tricks to assure that he wasn’t actually stuck in the cell.

It sounded simple if you didn’t think about the weeks of planning and four people worth of preparation that had gone into this, all of which had involved quite a bit of arguing, more than a bit of negotiation, and a tiny bit of blackmail.

Jaime had gotten his mission. Now he just had to get out of it.

And the lock was proving slightly more tricky than he’d expected.

He was swearing quietly at the door when it swung open. He slid his lockpicks up his sleeves and tried to look disgruntled and imprisoned.
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i've never told a joke in my life.

Apr. 27th, 2017 02:17 am
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So [personal profile] alexcat was talking about Mighty Mouse, and I was reminded of Andy Kaufman's crazy brilliance, and now here we are with this video. Are people still thinking he's alive somewhere, or has that been given up?

Aw damnit, now I'm getting pangs of nostalgia for Taxi -_____- Total gateway drug, pretty soon I'll be reminiscing about M*A*S*H and The Adventures of Pete and Pete again.
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What I've Just Finished Reading

I finished Post-Captain by Patrick O'Brian, so I'm now committed to the series! I'm continuing to enjoy them, and this one was probably less technical than the first, or I'm getting to be less of a landlubber. Highlights being the bear escape mentioned last time and when Stephen decided a hive of bees are a perfectly reasonable thing to keep on board a ship. (It's very satisfying to have made a small dent in my TBR pile as well, because I was rather beginning to think I would never read anything new again that wasn't a regency romance.)

Before I finished that, however, I found another Regency romance in a charity shop (well, actually I found two, but the other was the usual, complete with someone called Carolyn) - from 1972!

I complain all the time about the modern ones not being like Heyer, now let me be nothing if not inconsistent and complain about Clare Darcy's Cecily for being too much like Heyer! The blatant copying left me open-mouthed. Her plot is her own, but all the Heyer ingredients and descriptions are present and correct... and, alas, have nothing of the engaging liveliness of Heyer. I'm not surprised Heyer used to get angry about this sort of thing. Clare Darcy was only lucky that Ms Heyer was probably dead by the time this book crossed the ocean.

It was an interesting read, though, and would have been better had the hero and the heroine actually had more time together on the page. Probably. Actually, it would have been better if it had just focused on the heroine's aunt and the hero's mother and their disapproving alliance, because that bit was her own, and a little more enjoyable than the rest. Everyone else should just go home for being pale copies of Heyer characters. Charity Girl was published the same year, and even though that is not my favourite Heyer, it still has a lot more going for it than a copy of the real thing.

What I'm reading now

I am just a few pages into HMS Surprise. There has not been a bear so far, sadly.

I'm still reading and taking notes from Jenny Uglow's In These Times, which continues to be an excellent social history of Britain in the Napoleonic War era. (There are no people called Carolyn in it. So far.)

What I'm Reading Next

I still haven't read that Daisy Dalrymple mystery, because I found two Regency romances for my light-reading needs instead, so that needs to get read so it can go back to the library.

I don't know what else will be next, or if I'll even get to Daisy, but I did find the first of Frances Brody's series of Kate Shackleton mysteries in a charity shop, hurrah, so that'll probably get read sometime soon, because I do need to get to the one I found first with the tantalising title of Death of an Avid Reader.

very short entry

Apr. 26th, 2017 10:37 pm
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Grateful for:

moments of courage

planning for effective help & mutual support with partner

sunshine and rain making things grow

completely ridiculous flowers

got my meds

It's been a crazy week

Apr. 26th, 2017 11:35 pm
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So my allergies woke me up at 3 Am after 2 hours of sleep. I've been up since. I have a migraine as a result of pollen+ no sleep and I have to spend 4 hours in the anatomy practical smelling preservatives and opened organs with a lawn mower going outside my lab.

I made a decision to go to the Steampunk Symposium, like I wanted to. I am only going to saturday/sunday because it's only a half day on Friday and it wasn't worth nearly 200$ to me between hotel fees, food and boarding Kanda I have someone who can look after him for a day but not a whole weekend. I am kinda pissed the event site will only let me buy the whole weekend but it's only 8$ more so....

And it gave me a heart attack as I went to use paypal and it said it was more money than I HAD in the bank. (it wasn't by far) but now I think it billed me twice and it linked my credit card with pay pal. SIgh.

I need to fix something with my trip to Salt Lake too.

I've been quiet because I've been working on my edits for Conned which are now back to the editor and getting ready for finals since I won't be here this weekend.
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Temporary Neighbors
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 2 of 2, complete
word count (story only): 1095

:: This story takes place the same evening as “Opportunities Lost and Found.” ::

back to part one
to the Voices of the Engines index
:: Thanks for reading!::

“You're Mister Leland Burnett?” the businessman asked, unable to conceal his surprise.

“I am,” Leland responded as he turned to face the man.

“My name is William Wentworth,” the gentleman explained, running a hand nervously over the cinnamon colored waistcoat with small yellow and brown flowers patterned over it. He paused when his fingers touched the chain of his watch fob, then offered the same hand to Leland.

Surprised, Leland shook it. “Is Miss S-sterling all right?” he asked softly.
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Patreon: Reposts and Adventures.

Apr. 26th, 2017 09:49 pm
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For today, in honor of looking through my LiveJournal archives, I offer some early-2000’s poetry.

Unedited Prayer of Sorts

My lady of the verdant green, why have you forsaken me?
When I was a child, your oaken skirts shielded me
From interlopers and observers; simple faith carried me,
and simple ritual. nothing else was needed:

read on!

any people have speculated that if we knew exactly why a bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the Universe than we do now.

Oh, no, not again.

The bowl of petunias plummeted towards the ground, no room in what it could pretend, loosely, was a brain for anything except a vague and dissatisfied sense of what, if you were going to translate it into Galactic Book Standard, would sound mostly like not again.

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History and memory did not go past the wall.

It was as tall as anyone could imagine, an unknown width, and it surrounded the Community, giving them room enough to live and grow but no more.

It could not be climbed, being smooth to the touch and unpleasant to be in contact with for any length of time. It could not be drilled through, nor broken. It could not be dug underneath.

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26/4/2017 wordcount: 1,472

IT'S POSTED. My May the 4th fic has been posted, and idk when the reveals are but when my name is attached to it I'll be posting a link here. AHAHAHAHA I'M DONE! DONE!!!!!

My project for the rest of the month is to finish formatting hooversuck so that'll be all posted and done with on ao3 before MYWYN starts. I'll also be poking at various WIPs I've been sitting on to see where I can form a (reasonable) expectation of finishing, but eh, not setting the bar for that terribly high.

Humble Book Bundle: Berkley Breathed Collection. All of Bloom County for $15? Sign! Me! Up!!!

If you haven't read his stuff before, he's one of those cartoonists who used to go after Trump waaaay back in the 80s. And he came out of retirement as soon as Trump got the GOP nomination, so that's uh. One single good thing that came out of that clusterfuck. I guess. Erm...

I haven't read any of his Outland or OPUS strips, so I'm looking forward to getting that downloaded. But yaaaaay, Bloom County!


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