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Aug. 23rd, 2017 12:23 pm
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Missed hosting a fest for AllBingo because of some...let's say 'serious' personal issues and gender dysphoria. I don't feel like I can go back and apologize to the rest of the community without looking like a complete ass, so I'll just quietly leave.

Sorry, AllBingo goers.

Back in the game for now, though. Maybe I'll grab a challenge or two to get the creativity flowing?

Bingo Updates

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:50 pm
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 Well, we're getting quite close to the end of the month, so lets's review the bingo status!

Cotton Candy Bingo- the bingo card is almost to a perfect checkerboard bingo, just missing "Seeking/Finding Love" and "Meeting in a Treehouse"

Works for Cotton Candy Bingo are:New Nights is in the Calamity Johnson and Chicane line of SuperQueers, and is available for purchase at $13

Origfic Bingo- the bingo card is close to a one-line bingo down the middle, just missing "doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles"

Works for Origfic Bingo are:If you'd like to prompt something for "Seeking/Finding Love", "Meeting in a Treehouse", or  "doppelgangers/clones/impersonators/evil doubles", please let me know!  


Aug. 23rd, 2017 02:23 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] hp_nextgen100 is a drabble community centered around Harry Potter's next generation, as portrayed in the epilogue of Deathly Hallows. Fills must be 100 words exactly.

1.fresh2.family3.first kiss4.roommates5.chocolate
6.fierce7.sorting hat8.celebrate9.first time10.spring
11.sightseeing12.Professor Longbottom13.thirteen14.dreams15.reality
16.dress robes17.familiars18.the Burrow19.hospital wing20.epilogue
21.TLC22.Quidditch World Cup23.Leaving Fest24.green/silver25.blue/bronze
26.yellow/black27.red/gold28.summer lovin'29.burned30.prequel, sequel, or remix
31.Teddy Lupin32.Victoire Weasley33.James Sirius Potter34.Albus Severus Potter35.Lily Luna Potter
36.Rose and Hugo Weasley37.Fred and Roxanne Weasley38.Molly and Lucy Weasley39.Dominique and Louis Weasley40.Scorpius Malfoy
41.Lorcan and Lysander Scamander42.All Hallow's Eve43.spice44.frost45.legend of the Deathly Hallows
46.rain47.snow48.Ollivander's49.Weasley's Wizard Wheezes50.Hogsmeade
51.Gringotts52.be mine53.joy54.sorrow55.Potions
56.Defense Against the Dark Arts57.Charms58.Transfiguration59.Herbology60.Astronomy
61.History of Magic62.Care of Magical Creatures63.Ancient Runes64.Divination65.Free for All
71.Summer Solstice72.holiday73.movie canon74.random word generator75.new beginnings
76.happily ever after77.leather and lace78."I'm late."79.Hogwarts letter80.the big move
81.Muggles82.friends83.autumn84.surprise!85.Great Hall
86.Astronomy Tower87.greenhouses88.dungeons89.Prefect's bathroom90.Quidditch pitch
91.Hagrid's cabin92.imagination93.niggle94."all fingers and thumbs"95.hopes and dreams
96.cup of tea97.homecoming98.athletic prowess99.Nineteen Years Later100.fare thee well
101.welcome home102.full moon103.Halloween104.Bonfire Night105.the morning after
106.sibling rivalry107.'tis the season to...108.New Year's Eve109.reunion110.clouds
111.new shoes112.emergency113.blossom114.it's showtime115.Amortentia
116.Polyjuice117.Veritaserum118.Felix Felicis119.counting the days120.caught
121.birthday122.distraction123.crossed wires124.free lunch125.unbelievable

Ears to Hear

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:43 pm
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Filling my "Ears" square for Cotton Candy Bingo, and my "physical imperfections" square for origfic bingo.


Zoe Keener-Riley had only been famous an hour and she already hated it.

It was the ears, oddly enough.  It wasn’t her phytokinesis, it wasn’t her cutting edge research on genetically modified plants, it wasn’t even her relationship to the Sentinels,  the midwest’s largest supergroup.  Helena Riley, more widely known as Doyenne, the super strong leader of the Sentinels, had basically adopted Zoe after a mission went horribly wrong and Zoe’d been left alone, but honestly they were almost all like parents to her.  Except Uncle Perriot, who probably shouldn’t be responsible for a goldfish.  Zoe would at least partly understand if it had been voyeristic celebrity gossip that garnered her more than fifteen minutes of fame.  But no, nothing as normal as that.

Nope.  What catapulted Zoe Keener-Riley into fame was her ears.

Specifically, her hearing aides.  The bright purple hearing aides made by Chop Shop the robotic Sentinel for her when she got pissed about how long the wait list for new ones was and came to the base to whine to her mother.  Some idiot had snapped a picture and made a meme and suddenly her life went to shit as she stood in the eye of a hurricane of opinions on how people should and shouldn’t wear aides.  She hated it.

“I went into lab science for a reason!” she complained.  Nobody had much sympathy, but that’s what you get when you’re raised by famous people.

“At least try to read a fan letter,” her mother urged.  “We get some really nice ones.”

“I’ve done nothing to be famous!” Zoe yelled in frustration.  Rolling her eyes she snagged a letter from the stack.  “Fine.  One letter.”

“You’re trying,” her mom said.  “That’s all we’ve ever asked.”

She sat in the reading nook and read.

Dear Miss Zoe,

I’m eleven and four months and I’ve worn aides since I was four and ten months and I think your aides are pretty.  Purple is my favorite color, and I like the swoopy thing at the back.  It looks like jewelry, but not like any jewelry I’ve ever seen.  Where do you get them?  I want pierced ears, but Mom says I have to wait until I’m sixteen.  She did say I could put rhinestones on my aides though, as long as I don’t block the battery part.


Kathy Waller

Zoe smiled and grabbed a piece of paper.

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for writing me.  I like purple too, and the swoopy bit makes the aides more secure on my ear, and spread the weight out a bit.  Chop Shop made them for me, and zyr style is pretty close to Art Nouveau.  You can find loads of art resources for patterns and ideas in books of Art Nouveau costumes.  If you want to, I’d love to see a picture of your new aide-style.


Zoe Keener-Riley

She read another letter, and then another.  Kids with aides, kids with canes, kids with wheelchairs and arm braces and all manner and form of equipment.  Each one asking for connection, for family, for comradery.  Ironically enough, for an ear to hear them.  After her hands cramped from replying, she realized she had a new hobby.  A quick trip to Chop Shop’s personal programmer Shikoba got a request for a website to help these kids connect not just with her, but with each other.  A week in, and the gallery was already teeming with photos of mods, templates and stencils, and the chat board had a thriving thread on aides for disabilities made by the disabled.  

It may have been the ears that made her famous, but if it helped kids feel heard, she would take it.

allbingo | Month of Rainbows

Aug. 23rd, 2017 02:06 pm
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This was an event hosted at [community profile] allbingo during April 2017. See here.

Cinnamon SatinWild Blue YonderStrong MagnetGrapeBall Green
Tigers EyePine GreenPacific BlueWisteriaForest Green
Orange YellowSpiro Disco BallApricotBittersweetTart Orange
Green YellowMidnight BlueAntique BrassRose DustTwister
Wintergreen DreamMagic MintSizzling RedRazzmatazzBlue

Important Links

Aug. 23rd, 2017 02:01 pm
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Reading, Listening, Watching

Aug. 23rd, 2017 06:22 pm
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Reading: I finally finished Crime and Punishement which was interesting but very monologuey. I've moved on to Unshapely Things by Marc del Franco, which seems quite good but I have a feeling I've exhausted my patience for wizards in garrets brooding about their tragic pasts.

Listening: I just listened to the first of the David Tennant and Catherine Tate Big Finish audios which I enjoyed more than I expected to - although they paired Donna up with another London temp and I actually, on audio, found them quite hard to tell apart.

Watching: A mixture of Wallander, Killjoys, Yuri on Ice and classic Doctor Who. We're doing quite well for choice of viewing options at the moment.

Find Me?

Aug. 23rd, 2017 05:16 pm
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Written to kelkyag's prompt. 


She had a lot of earth to work with.

Estella had walked half a day in each direction and not seen another living human.

She’d found more than a few who weren’t alive anymore, and done what she could for them as she went, wondering all the while why she had been left alive when nobody else seemed to have.

The radio made static and sometimes a whimper, but nothing she could consider company.  The power was still running, more or less, but the TV was showing Please Standby on all stations and the internet - well, it was there, but she found only bots on twitter and only advertisements on Facebook.  Reddit was a ghost town. Imgur’s last photos were of The Event - dozens, hundreds of photos, and then nothing.  Not even a downvote. 

read on…
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Remembering Minkie
by Dialecticdreamer/ Sarah Williams
part 3 of 4
word count (story only): 1315

:: Part of the Polychrome Heroics universe, and the Mercedes story set, but while it happens during the events of the Road Trip series, it can be read as a stand-alone piece. Only basic familiarity with my characters in Mercedes, plus the events and characters in “Big Brother and the Cyberbully” are needed. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: this story deals with the aftermath of an off-screen suicide, and how it affects a new friend of the deceased. There is intense emotion, confusion, and worry, but I believe the overall effect is positive (the view is worth the climb to get there). Readers can approach this story when or if they choose to. Feel free to PM asking specific questions if there's still a concern over story details. ::

“Mrs. Wu hired a new lady,” Edison ventured, scratching his head and making his strawberry curls flop this way and that. “Maybe she could. Aida's in the back conference room.” He shrugged, nodding to Pips. “You might wanna go talk to her, since I know you've met.”

“Would the new lady know any of the Finn household rules?” Jules asked, crossing his arms.

“Maybe?” Edison's eyes were wide, with only a trace of green in the center of the pool of blue.

“No deal,” Jules vetoed. “I need to meet her. Has she been through the Edison Safety List?”

“No,” the boy admitted, scuffing his toes. “But she's totally new, too, and Da had appointments this morning.”
Read more... )
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Title: A Wealth of Currants (1741 words) AO3
Author: Liadt
Fandom: Doctor Who, Matthew Shardlake Series – C.J. Sansom.
Rating: General audiences.
Categories: Gen.
Warnings: Cake.
Characters: Matthew Shardlake, Guy Malton, Tenth Doctor.
Additional tags: Cake!fic, crack crossover.
Summary: Matthew and Guy are in a sticky situation, but Ten appreciates a change.
Notes: For the genprompt bingo prompt: artisan/craftsmen.
I will try for Teaspoon but I'm not sure about the sentences or Ten - it's been a while...

Talking Meme #8

Aug. 23rd, 2017 12:40 pm
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For the Talking Meme, from [livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1: Since you write a lot of Silver/Liz Shaw fic, which other Doctor Who character would you put into an adventure with them?

I'm not entirely sure I have written a lot of Silver/Liz fic, but to my great joy and pleasure I have somehow caused a lot of Silver/Liz fic to be written, which is the best outcome, really.

(Well, actually, I probably have written a lot of Silver/Liz ficlets - 1 make it 4 out of 11, with 4 authors making up the total - but I would like to point out that most of mine were prompted by Pers, so I'm not sure which of us is mostly to blame for that.* ;-p OTOH, I think all of the others were written for me, so...)

Anyway, Liz/Silver was an accidental pairing that came up in a meme where you sorted your icons and paired them off, with fairly entertaining and improbable results, and then next thing you knew [personal profile] john_amend_all had written a ficlet, and then so had I... and then people were giving me Silver/Liz in [community profile] fandom_stocking and the ship is a thing. \o/

I'm unsure how to answer this question, because this is me. I would put any DW character I felt capable of writing in a fic with Silver and Liz, so narrowing it down is hard!

Three or the Brig would be natural, given Liz's era and both would probably have a lot less patience for Silver than Liz does (in the fic; she is scientifically interested in him, he is a curious part of the universe that naturally she would like to explore), so that would be fun. (I feel Three, finding an Element, would be rather like a human discovering an unexpected rat or something. It'd be at least five episodes later before he could admit that one was okay and actually kind of interesting, he'd have to be locked up in a cell with Jo before he admitted that he found them unnerving, because different Time thingies.) The Brig could end up in a very bemused OT3 situation that he would never ever mention again. It did not happen. Liz humours him kindly. She has some sympathy for being bemused by Elements.

But then there is the whole wide universe of Doctor Who! I wouldn't put Adric in it (it would not be the sort of place Adric would be of any use, unless Silver and Liz needed some mathematical calculations doing, I suppose), and Dodo wouldn't be my first choice, and I can't claim to have watched The Dalek Masterplan enough to write much Katarina or Sara Kingdom, but otherwise the Whoniverse is pretty wide open.

Who do people think would be an interesting/good/hilarious addition to a Liz/Silver (or Liz & Silver fic)?

* Well, all right, me, probably. But Pers is definitely to blame for plenty of other things! ;-p (In the good way.)

online book rec

Aug. 23rd, 2017 01:54 am
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Wandered across http://thefantasistmag.com/ and found some excellent novellas and short stories, if you like fantasy of varying sorts centering queer characters.

Good News

Aug. 23rd, 2017 12:51 am
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Good news includes all the things which make us happy or otherwise feel good. It can be personal or public. We never know when something wonderful will happen, and when it does, most people want to share it with someone. It's disappointing when nobody is there to appreciate it. Happily, blogging allows us to share our joys and pat each other on the back.

What good news have you had recently? Are you anticipating any more?

New Verses

Aug. 22nd, 2017 10:52 pm
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Based on an audience poll, there are new verses in the three open epics.  "The Inner Transition" has 14 new verses.  Valor's Widow shows Stylet where to stash his berettaflies.  "The Higher a Monkey Climbs" has 11 new verses.  Jules discovers that Pips is fascinated by Officer Tull.  "Two Foxes" has 11 new verses.  Kenzie is impressed by Ron's caregiving skills, but still feels uncomfortable with the helplessness caused by his injuries.

journaling in august

Aug. 22nd, 2017 06:26 pm
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Good things today, yesterday, this past weekend:

Basically the whole camping trip. Though not the getting ready for it, which was a Thing.

Especially the ocean. Ocean!!!

The gift of time, and listening, and care.


Solar eclipse!!! Eclipse glasses in the mail, not a day too late. Early grumpy wake-up. Dawn while driving dark winding roads; morning by a wild river. Stopping at a camp store on a highway deep in the woods. Rambling around, looking at the sun through trees, judging angles. A book, a fern meadow, a cup of hot coffee, a path by a pond, a return just in time. Unexpected friends with a telescope!

An orange bitten circle, crescent, sliver, shrinking.

Ripples of auroral light along the road. Dusk over the pine trees, and a planet shining in twilight blue. A blazing ring around the dark circle, and light expanding to impossible brightness. The sun revealed again.

Seeing friends; visiting their farm; horses, chickens, dogs, alpacas!!!

A tuft of alpaca wool. A handful of blackberries. Cold water given in hospitality.


Getting some chores done. Fine sandpaper, good work gloves, and other tools. Cookies.

A favorite sweater.

Uncertainty. It may be uncomfortable, but it is a gift.

(I'm going Out East to a funeral, with S, and when I come back it'll be the new school year at work, and there's so much I was going to get done that I haven't, and so many experiences I've had that I would not have traded away. I'm not feeling ready, but I'm not totally lost either, I think...I have some hope, and some foundations to build on, and some goals, and some good reassuring things; what I don't have is clarity. I guess I'll muddle on ahead.)


And oh, the light...

For trope_bingo

Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:14 pm
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Title: Holding On

Summary: The death of General Leia Organa.

Prompt: First Time/Last Time

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Fic under cut. )


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