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See the challenge here at livejournal.

001.Kiss. 002.Hug. 003.Touch. 004.Love. 005.Share.
006.Fight. 007.Hide. 008.Left out. 009.Moments. 010.Dreams.
011.Hope. 012.Memories. 013.Future. 014.Daring. 015.Panic.
016.Loss. 017.Petnames. 018.Letters. 019.Calling. 020.Compromise.
021.Moving. 022.Rhythm. 023.Dance. 024.Holding. 025.Silence.
026.Absence. 027.Expressions. 028.Games. 029.Kids. 030.Light.
031.Sun. 032.Night. 033.Bed. 034.Pictures. 035.Sex.
036.Senses. 037.Ice. 038.Travel. 039.Awkward. 040.Comfortable.
041.Growing. 042.Drive. 043.Dress up. 044.Bare. 045.Occasional.
046.Electricity. 047.Shiver. 048.Hard. 049.Laughter. 050.Ache.
051.Stupid. 052.Stretch. 053.Empty. 054.Bold. 055.Fairytale.
056.Mirror. 057.Dates. 058.Questions. 059.Save. 060.Release.
061.Burning. 062.Fast. 063.Ghost. 064.Breath. 065.Whisper.
066.Colour. 067.Snow. 068.Rain. 069.Dry. 070.Small.
071.Time. 072.Security. 073.Connect. 074.Explore. 075.Fix.
076.Give. 077.Take. 078.Taste. 079.Immature. 080.Play
081.Home. 082.Trigger. 083.Weakness. 084.Agreement. 085.Sweet.
086.Only. 087.Endless. 088.Voice. 089.Opportunity. 090.Final.
091.Writer's Choice. 092.Writer's Choice. 093.Writer's Choice. 094.Writer's Choice. 095.Writer's Choice.
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.

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Check out femslash100 here at livejournal. Drabble Cycle Round 12 can be found here.

I'm going to be writing drabbles based on the aforementioned pairing (Bobby/Kim from an original fiction project) that fulfill the prompts listed in the table below.

1. Acting/Film Stars 2. Apocalypse/Dystopian 3. BDSM 4. Coffee Shop 5. College/University
6. Fairy Tales 7. Fantasy 8. Ghosts 9. High School 10. Historical
11. Magic/Witchcraft 12. Married/Domestic 13. Movie Fusion 14. Musicians/Bands 15. Mythology
16. Neighbors 17. Noir 18. Prison 19. Royalty 20. Sex Workers
21. Space 22. Sports 23. Spy/Espionage 24. Steampunk 25. Superheroes
26. TV Show Fusion 27. Vampires 28. Werewolves 29. Western 30. Author's Choice

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Find it here.

1. Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold - As You Like It
2. They had not skill enough your worth to sing - Sonnet 106
3. Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs - Romeo and Juliet
4. Hell is empty and all the devils are here - The Tempest
5. To die upon a kiss - Othello
6. Let not light see my black and deep desires - Macbeth
7. That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot - Sonnet 71
8. For where thou art, there is the world itself, and where thou art not, desolation - Henry IV
9. Now is the winter of our discontent - Richard III
10. You have witchcraft in your lips - Henry V
11. Some Cupid kills with arrows, some with traps - Much Ado About Nothing
12. A dream itself is but a shadow - Hamlet
13. I had no judgment when to her I swore - A Midsummer Night's Dream
14. With groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire - Twelfth Night
15. The field's chief flower, sweet above compare - Venus and Adonis
16. Nothing can be made out of nothing - King Lear
17. Her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love - Antony and Cleopatra
18. I am not bound to please thee with my answers - The Merchant of Venice
19. The fault… is not in our stars, but in ourselves - Julius Caesar
20. She's beautiful and therefore to be wooed - Henry VI

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Found here. Based upon my own Christmas Spotify playlist.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Christmas Time is Here Blue Christmas Silver Bells My Only Wish (This Year)
Christmasland Cold December Night Christmas Is Just Around the Corner Sleigh Ride Merry Christmas Darling
Christmas With You White Christmas Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Silver and Gold 12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Time Again Silent Night We Need a Little Christmas Winter Wonderland Joy to the World
We Wish You a Merry Christmas Jingle Bells I'll Be Home for Christmas Underneath the Tree Caroling, Caroling

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Found here. All fic should be 500 words or more.

huddle for warmth poor communication skills meet the parents/family bets/wagers reunion
road trip mind games celebratory kiss hurt/comfort food and cooking
fluff locked in free space chosen family role reversal
amnesia language/
presumed dead unexpected friendship future fic
power dynamics epistolary first time /
last time
in vino veritas / drunk fic in another man's shoes

What I watched week #25

Jun. 25th, 2017 07:26 am
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June 18 - 24 2017

Wonder Woman (at the movies)
Steven Universe 4x08 - 4x10
Riverdale 1x10 - 1x13
Still Star-crossed 1x03

Also: a few episodes of Community were re-watched

Friending Meme!

Jun. 25th, 2017 12:11 pm
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Stepping out of my comfort zone a bit and doing this today:

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Butterfly Effect
by Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1 (complete)
word count (story only): 1559

:: This story follows “Detours and Obstacles,” (part one, part two, and part three) and definitely throws a spanner into the works. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: I do NOT write unhappy endings, I assure everyone! ::

“All right,” Joshua declared as he turned on the signal and pulled to the side of a narrow, two-lane highway that seemed to bounce up and down, like a rippling ribbon frozen by a high-speed camera. “All right, it's time for me to take a nap. Cash, if you'd like help balancing on the way to the front passenger seat, G, you're driving.”

“I'm what?” G croaked.

“Student driver,” his dad informed him, pointing to add emphasis. Then he pointed to Cash, who already had the lift in motion. “Licensed driver, whose only job is to get control of the vehicle if you panic. So, don't panic.”

Joshua set the parking brake and shut off the engine, and hugged his son as they crossed paths on the side of the road. When he returned, he secured the wheels with a moving strap. As he slipped behind it to the vinyl accordion door next to the tiny kitchen area, he told Kais, “I'll wake up in an hour. Don't worry, G's a better driver than he thinks he is.”
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Overview of Queen of Frost Trilogy

Mar. 12th, 2014 11:18 pm
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Frost arranges for the Circle to share Izzy, Simon, and Nadia, during which Sparrow gets to witness for the first time the life she's escaping thanks to Frost's interest in her. To really let it sink in, Frost lets Octavian proposition Sparrow after he's through with the other victors; when Sparrow turns him down, Frost demands that she "convince" him that she deserves to keep the special treatment he's been giving her. (Frost has no intentions of ever letting her go; Sparrow, however, realizes she can't risk it.)
At the beginning of the 126th Culling, Sparrow is introduced to the older victors for the first time. During the Culling, they are all expected to "reconnect with" the Circle and the other victors, regardless of their circumstances (marriage, kids, whatever). Simon, as usual, takes it upon himself to "protect" Sparrow and Nadia from everyone's advances, though Sparrow is the subject of considerable attention regardless. (And Frost makes it clear to her that she is welcome to sleep with any victors she pleases.)
When the 126th Culling ends, the Circle is surprised to find that their chosen victor, one of the female candidates, has lost to a dangerous, ruthless male candidate. Afterward, the Circle must decide what to do with this individual--break him down mentally until he's safe to use or arrange for his disposal. Sparrow advocates letting him go, if he's really that dangerous, but Frost reminds her that Nadia and Simon won't be able to get out until there are two replacements. If #126 is thrown out, they'll have to wait until after #128 is chosen.
Ultimately, they give #126 to Octavian for "training", and he seems to be broken by the time he's reintroduced to the Circle. But he's not. He's seduced Loretta, and he uses her to ambush Frost, Octavian, and Sparrow, whom he intends to murder. Loretta saves them at the last minute, killing #126 and cementing Loretta & Sparrow's friendship.
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Sparrow (Queen of Frost #1)
Court of Glass (Queen of Frost #2)
Queen of Frost (Queen of Frost #3)


Major themes/elements:
• group relationship dynamics
• decadence & cruelty of nobility
• voyeurism & objectification

Re: group dynamics, the core group contains:
• Frost & Sparrow (alpha couple)
• Nadia & Simon (beta couple)
• Izzy, Suri, & Loretta (support)


In Sparrow, Severin becomes Sparrow's ally in her mission to escape from Parabellum, but she sends Suri with him in her place.

In Court of Glass, #126 takes Sparrow, Frost, and Octavian prisoner and tries to convince Sparrow to escape with him after he kills the men. She refuses, and #126 is killed.

In Queen of Frost, #127 turns out to be a mole. She captures Sparrow and takes her to the resistance, where she reunites with Severin and Suri before ultimately escaping.

At the end of the first two, Sparrow decides not to leave Frost. At the end of the last, she decides to return to Frost.

keeping vigil

Jun. 24th, 2017 08:08 pm
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Content Warnings: dying, life and death questions, medical details, family stress, kids

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Parabellum: The Fourth Installment

May. 24th, 2015 10:12 pm
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I've had some ideas for potentially expanding the Parabellum series beyond the third installment. It would deal primarily with the fall-out of Simon's death, especially in terms of Nadia and Sparrow's emotional arcs. It introduces two new characters: Kieran Bell and Galen Freed.

Kieran is essentially conceptualized as an anti-Simon. He's the new victor of the year and quite physically similar to their late friend/lover... but in terms of personality, he's more in line with Izzy. He actually seems to enjoy being a victor; he's receptive to Octavian's advances and actively tries to pursue Sparrow, Frost, and Nadia.

On the other hand, there's Galen. He has a lot in common with Loretta; like her, he's the son of a Circle member, and as a recent inductee, his initial role is barely above that of a victor. Also like Loretta, he decides to aim for the very top, quickly setting his sights on Frost and Sparrow.

Though Sparrow initially dismisses Galen in favor of Kieran, her interest in the latter swiftly evaporates... And thanks to some urging from Loretta (and perhaps Damianus), the story should move steadily in the direction of Frost/Sparrow/Galen.

100moods | surprised | Parabellum

Sep. 18th, 2016 10:04 pm
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Title: Surprised
Author: A.F. Tanith
Fandom: Parabellum (original series)
Wordcount: 1,093
Rating: Explicit
Pairing(s): Sparrow/Stelian Frost
Warning(s): dubcon, references to past noncon & ongoing Stockholm syndrome
Prompt(s): Inspired by "Imagine your OTP being purely on last-name basis - until person A moans out person B’s first name one night in the bedroom." from [ profile] otpprompts | [ profile] 100moods 92. Surprised | [ profile] runaway_tales Fudge Ripple #27. euphoria & Milk Chocolate #20. surprise & Blueberry Yogurt #29. the first time
Summary: Sparrow never calls him by his first name.

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Saturday Yardening

Jun. 24th, 2017 02:27 pm
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 Today is beautiful, cool and breezy.  I took some pictures.  We are planning a Midsummer ritual later today so I don't know if I'll get much else done.

Dark Fantasy Bingo 2017

Jan. 1st, 2017 12:01 pm
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Found here.

Nightmares Fairy tales Betrayal Life Mystery
Possession Time Binding Haunting Haunted
Stranger Spell-bound Gods/goddesses Greed Sea
Wilderness Earth Visionary Experiment Apparition
Primal Primitive Shadows Pyrokinesis Warlocks

genprompt_bingo Round Eleven

Jan. 14th, 2017 11:59 am
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You can join in here.

  • Fic fills should be at least 100 words long. Non-fic fill rules can be found here.
  • Wild Card square can be swapped with any (one) other square on the card.
  • Though the prompts are "gen", the fills need not be.
  • Posting and tagging guidelines can be found here.
  • There is no deadline; you can post your bingo for any round no matter what round is currently running.

Team Mates Pain Superpowers Tragedy Poetry
Biography / Autobiography Dinosaurs and Pre-historic Creatures Victorious Character Study Terrible
Priceless Mutation / Transformation Wild Card Compare and Contrast The way we were: Pre-canon
Best Friends Infiltration Worst case scenario Spells and Geases Things that go Bump in the Night
Manipulation Sphinxes and Chimerae Dreams and Nightmares Chaos and Order Truth serums, Truth spells, and Truth drugs


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