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Name:All Bingo
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Share your creative bingo activities and discussions here.
This community provides a space for creative people to share their work, using bingo cards for inspiration. Post about your own work and enjoy what other people are creating.

Game Parameters

Signups: Always open. Get a card or use one assigned by any other bingo fest. Read the rules.
Posting: Always open. Post works in your own venue and link them in this community. You can call bingo on any card you have from any fest or round. See the posting template.
Fills: All formats are welcome including art, crafts, fiction, meta, music, photography, poetry, etc. Original and transformative works are both acceptable, across all fandoms. There are no size requirements for this community, although if you're using another bingo fest's card, they may have their own rules. You can do all kinds of fun things with your bingo card.
Marketing: You do not have to post everything you create in order to call bingo, because some people will want to sell their original work. If something is available for sponsorship, you can mention that in your post. It is recommended that you have at least one work visible to the public in each bingo that you post here, just so folks can see some of your work.

AO3 Collection
Visit the Allbingo collection over on the AO3 archive of transformative works. Any item created as a fill for a square in creative bingo for this community, which fits into AO3 posting parameters, is eligible for inclusion in the collection. You may add your own works or browse those submitted by other community members.

Announcements: If you are hosting a fest in another bingo community, you may post here to advertise activities, open/close dates, rule posts, public cards, prompt lists, etc. You may also link to resources in this community if you find them useful for yours. Cross-traffic and signal boosting are heartily encouraged!

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You might also like [community profile] rainbowfic and its prompt archive [community profile] rainbowlists. This is not a bingo fest but a list format prompt community.

Understand that the [community profile] allbingo community comes from a long tradition of creative folks finding ways to inspire each other. While the phrasing here is written from scratch, many of the concepts are in use elsewhere, such as the earlier bingo communities listed above. If you are using a card from a currently open bingo fest, please call your bingo on their community first, then link to that post here with an indication of which community made the card for you. If you can't claim a bingo there because not all your fills are actually posted due to wanting to sell them, or it's otherwise ineligible, then you can post here instead. If you're using a custom-made card, an old card, or something from a community that's not currently open then you can post your bingo here.

Helpful Posts
Allbingo Rules
Posting Template
Bingo and Achievement Options
Get a Bingo Card
What You Can Do with a Bingo Card
What You Can Do in Allbingo
Bingo Fest Guide


This community exists to encourage people to make cool stuff. You can make whatever kind of stuff you like. Bingo cards are available to give you inspiration.

Creativity is good. Creative people are awesome. Sharing is fun. Things that encourage all of this are desirable; things that discourage any of this are undesirable. The more stuff, the better. Rules provide a bit of structure for people who find that helpful, and set expectations for positive interactions.


1) Please remember that you are dealing with real live people in this community, not cyber-ghosts. Speak the truth gently if possible, firmly if necessary. Treat other folks with respect, and otherwise conduct yourself as a mature, responsible, civilized person. Persistent trolls will be given an invitation to the world without benefit of a last meal.
* Showing Respect

2) Free speech is a right. That doesn’t mean it can’t be abused. It also does not entitle anyone to a captive audience. Thus, posts or comments detrimental to creativity and the positive exchange of ideas may be removed.
* Verbal Self-Defense

3) You don’t necessarily have to agree with other folks in this community, or like all the stuff they make. It is recommended that you avoid logical fallacies in your remarks. Congenial discussion or rational debate is preferred to name-calling, vulgarity, or other verbal litter.
* Logical Fallacies
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