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I completed 25 fills for [community profile] trope_bingo

by: meridian_rose
fandoms: Da Vinci's Demons, Justified, Wynonna Earp, Black Sails, The Borgias, The Listener, Hamilton,
tropes: Secret twin/doppelganger, au: supernatural, rites of passage/coming of age, au: other, tall tale, au: band, wingfic, role reversal, rivals to lovers, au: mundane, transformations, au: fusion, roadtrip, au: fantasy, au: alternate professions, reunion, au: apocalypse, au: fairytale/myth, telepathy/mind meld, au: royalty/aristocracy/feudal, au: romance novel, au: historical, sharing a bed (free space), au: space, au: high school/college

Fanfiction:The Dark Mirror of Your Soul (Da Vinci's Demons, Leo & Riario (gen), Secret Twin/Doppelganger)
summary/preview: Leo is imprisoned with no obvious way out; Riario has one idea, if Leo will listen. But things are not quite what they seem.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Long Hard Times to Come in Purgatory (Justified/Wynonna Earp, Ensemble with background/implied pairings, au: supernatural)
summary/preview: When Boyd escapes prison, Raylan tracks him to the small town of Purgatory, and finds there are weirder things in existence than he thought. He meets Wynonna Earp, demon killer, and if her friend Doc can stop glowering at him, maybe they'd find plenty in common. And maybe Boyd has one more trick up his sleeve.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Learn You’re Your Mistakes (Da Vinci's Demons, ensemble gen, au: other (modern setting))
summary/preview: Art teacher Leo gets poor feedback from his students; when he seeks sympathy from his friends they side with the students. They'd probably be better off watching Bob Ross.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:The Haunting of James McGraw (Black Sails, gen, tall tale)
summary/preview: John Silver tells a tall tale of the time he and Max had a ghost hunting business and met James McGraw.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Photo Story:Battle of the Bands (Black Sails, John Silver/James Flint, AU: band)
summary/preview: banner + ten pics + summary text; Silver joins The Walrus shortly before the Battle of the Bands (first prize is a record contract) but the attraction between Silver and Flint threatens to break up the band before the concert.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.
Crossposted DW / Tumblr

Art:Flight (Da Vinci's Demons, gen, wing fic)
summary/preview: Leo has always been obsessed with flight
content notes: No standard warnings apply.
Crossposted to DW, AO3

Fanfiction:The Steadfast Snake and the Dubious Dog (Da Vinci's Demons, gen, role reversal)
summary/preview: AU in which Riario is Leo's friend and Zo is the sly newcomer with the second key.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.
Also at AO3

Fanfiction:This is what you need, I'll give you what you need (Da Vinci's Demons, Girolamo Riario/Zoroaster, rivals to lovers)
summary/preview: Riario and Leo have been together for some time but things are becoming strained; Zo provides a shoulder for Riario to lean on. Maybe Leo can't give Riario what he needs but maybe Zo can.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Summer in the City (Black Sails, Silver/Flint and Silver&Max, au: mundane)
summary/preview: On hot summer nights Flint allows his tenants to gather on the rooftop and host dances. He's drawn to John Silver, but the way he dances with Max suggests that Flint is out of luck. Of course sometimes it really is just dancing. On the other hand sometimes dancing can be a prelude to other things.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:What Comes Next (Wynonna Earp, Wynonna/Doc, Wynonna & Nicole, Nicole/Waverly, Wynonna & Waverly, transformations)
summary/preview: Wynonna was cursed, like all the Earp heirs, but it was those around her who kept paying the price. Set directly after the end of the season finale. With Waverly possessed and Doc hurt, Wynonna finds herself leaning on Nicole as they try to save their loved ones.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Icons:title (The Borgias, Cesare, rites of passage/coming of age)
summary/preview: 5 icons showing Cesare's character development/evolution
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:sanguine sacrificium (Da Vinci's Demons, Nico/Zoroaster, au: fantasy)
summary/preview: In S3e8 Vlad challenges Zo to a chess game with Nico's life on the line. Here, the game is played differently; while Zo is making his move, Vlad is drinking Nico's blood. Zo finds himself making unexpected choices to save Nico.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:The Road to Vinci (Da Vinci's Demons (The Road to El Dorado fusion), Leo/Zo implied, Leo/Ima, au: fusion)
summary/preview: An illustrated crack fusion between DvD and The Road to El Dorado
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Blood and Stone (Wynonna Earp, Wynonna/Doc, road trip)
summary/preview: When Doc's immortality seems to be failing, Wynonna will go to any lengths to save him.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:CSI: Rome (The Borgias, ensemble, au: alternate professions)
summary/preview: If The Borgias was a crime show in the style of CSI.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Icons:Borgias Icons (The Borgias, Cesare/Lucrezia, reunion)
summary/preview: five icons of Cesare/Lucreia reunion scenes
content notes: Cesare and Lucrezia are siblings but they're not shown in any sexual scenes here. No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Revelation (Da Vinci's Demons, Riario/Zoroaster, au: apocalypse)
summary/preview: He had paid the price for his sins. For turning his back on his faith and betraying his father. Denied heaven, of course. Denied purgatory and the chance to redeem himself. Denied the burning lake of hell, even.
content notes: Suicide attempt. No other standard warnings apply.

Photostory & Fanfiction:Silver in Boots (Black Sails, Max/Eleanor, au: fairytale/myth)
summary/preview: Photostory (11 pics) + 812 word fic, retelling of Puss in Boots in which John Silver is a cat determined to win his mistress, Max, the hand of a princess.
content notes: No other standard warnings apply.

Icons:Toby Logan: Telepath (The Listener, gen, telepathy/mind meld)
summary/preview: 5 icons from The Listener a show about a telepathic paramedic
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:The Earp Queen (Wynonna Earp, gen, au: royalty/aristocracy/feudal)
summary/preview: Crack/bad!fic (664 words) and accompanying bad!art in which Wynonna is a queen in a quasi-medieval setting.
content notes: Some minor character deaths. No other standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Homecoming (Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson/James Madison, au: romance novel)
summary/preview: Modern au. The night before Thomas left for a year in Paris, James drunkenly confessed his feelings – or at least he thinks he did. Now Thomas is returning home and James is in a panic, doubting that Thomas feels the same way he does. Perhaps the welcome home party will help them face up to the truth – if Alexander doesn't get in the way.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Art:Forbidden Love (The Borgias, Cesare/Lucrezia, au: historical)
summary/preview: manip of civil war romance novel; 1862, Virginia. A Southern belle...A Union soldier. Their love is undeniable but forbidden
content notes: Cesare/Lucrezia are siblings in canon; here they are not. No other standard warnings apply.

Art:Bed Sharing (Da Vinci's Demons, Leonardo/Riario, sharing a bed -for my free space)
summary/preview: manip
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Starship Walrus (Black Sails, gen, au: space)
summary/preview: Snooping around for supplies onboard the starship Walrus, Silver discovers something unexpected; a cryopod. Which he accidentally opens. Which is going to make the captain furious - though maybe not as furious as the newly awoken Miranda.
content notes: No standard warnings apply.

Fanfiction:Are You Gonna Be My Guy (Da Vinci's Demons, Riario/Zoroaster, au: high school/college)
summary/preview: The relationship study sounds like a perfect way to some easy money for Zo, if he can find someone to fake monogamy with him for the duration. Zo's stunned when Riario offers to be his partner since his father cut off his funds.
While things are initially awkward Zo discovers Riario isn't as stuck-up as he thought and Riario finds the study prompts him to reconsider his sexuality and his ambitions.
Somehow the uneasy acquaintances become genuine friends…and maybe more…it's supposed to a temporary deceit but the more time they spend together the more they discover how compatible they are.
content notes: No standard warnings apply. Some minor violence and a couple of unsympathetic characters use gay slurs and participate in asexual erasure but there are serious positive discussions by the protagonists about sexuality.

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Well done!


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